Moral Perception

Moral Perception[Download] ✤ Moral Perception ➸ Robert Audi – We can see a theft hear a lie and feel a stabbing These are morally important perceptions But are they also moral perceptions distinctively moral responses In this book Robert Audi develops an origina We can see a theft hear a lie and feel a stabbing These are morally important perceptions But are they also Moral Perceptions distinctively moral responses In this book Robert Audi develops an original account of Moral Perceptions shows how they figure in human experience and argues that they provide moral knowledge He offers a theory of perception as an informative representational relation to objects and events He describes the experiential elements in perception illustrates Moral Perception in relation to everyday observations and explains how Moral Perception justifies moral judgments and contributes to objectivity in ethics Moral Perception does not occur in isolation Intuition and emotion may facilitate it influence it and be elicited by it Audi explores the nature and variety of intuitions and their relation to both Moral Perception and emotion providing the broadest and most refined statement to date of his widely discussed intuitionist view in ethics He also distinguishes several kinds of moral disagreement and assesses the challenge it poses for ethical objectivism Philosophically argued but interdisciplinary in scope and interest Moral Perception advances our understanding of central problems in ethics moral psychology epistemology and the theory of the emotions Choice. It took me a little longer to finish this then I would've liked largely because I was distracted with some other stuff The book is actually a relatively uick read for something that does cover a lot of conceptual ground weighing in at a tiny 170 pages Audi does a great job at covering the material he's interested in and setting up his conceptual baggage uickly and concisely so he doesn't have to backtrack and fix problems It is interesting that this book is the product of a lecture since often those sorts of books can wind up being weird and tangential; Audi is incredibly well organizedHe is also a terrific philosophical writer One of the things that many philosophers struggle with is clearly delineating their concepts and making them unambiguous in a short period of time Audi does a good job at moving through some fairly difficult theory and laying it out in a way that is accessible and allows him to push through his central arguments at the same time He also includes some thoughts on general philosophical problems that are not tightly associated with his central theme and then ties them into his programme and the idea in the book in a way which gives you a good feel for his views as a philosopher which is useful for me as someone who wasn't very familiar with Audi going in as well as feeding some genuinely novel ideas that are a part of the big picture in philosophy and some of its subdisciplinesThe one area where the book is lacking is in a scientific discussion of perception There are some issues with the way that Audi talks about the mainstream literature in mind and epistemology especially how it deals with giving an account of color; he strays through some of the various theories but because he avoids the scientific discussion that is important to philosophers in epistemology and mind we wind up with something of a confusing account Also while Audi gives one of the best accounts of dispositional externalism which is one of the most commonly misarticulated notions and poorly understood notions in epistemology in the book he actually reverts back into a naïve and weird misreading of it later which is too bad since the sophisticated reading he provides pp 45 49 to advance his view of how moral knowledge works can do a lot of heavy liftingOverall I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is seriously interested in ethics; it has everything that an account of ethics should and in a very accessible and very short passage This is one of the books that I'll likely come back to when I want to talk about how social cognition plays into ethics as Audi gives us a good foundation for how to talk about moral properties in terms of our experience of the world I especially recommend the book to those who think that Hume's Guillotine is devastating to ethics since Audi gives a fairly good response and really gets at the central issues in the realistanti realist discussion Whether you think that Audi's arguments are ultimately successful or not and I have mixed feelings on that count they are well presented and engaging My interest in the topic is the relation between moral perception and spiritual transformation especially in the area of 12 Step recovery Though I will give it another read I found the first extremely difficult mainly because of the abstract nature of the material More down to earth examples from everyday life would have helped

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