Malice (Butch Karp, #19)

Malice (Butch Karp, #19)❮Read❯ ➮ Malice (Butch Karp, #19) ➲ Author Robert K. Tanenbaum – New York District Attorney Butch Karp recovering from an assassination attempt that came within a few millimetres of killing him takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their crimina New York District Attorney Butch Karp recovering from an assassination attempt that came within a few millimetres of killing him takes on a shadowy cartel that uses terrorists to further their criminal empire and slide the United States toward a fascist state that they control As Karp struggles to uncover those responsible for planning the terrorist murders of six schoolchildren he goes to the aid of his college roommate's younger brother who has been unfairly suspended from his position as baseball coach at a university in Idaho. I listened to this book while on a long trip I would have probably uit listenig to it if I would have something alse along to listen to It did help pass the time and I did start to get into it toward the end but I would be reluctant to recommend it The characters a one dimensional and almost cartoonish it has multiple over the top plots that don't really intertwine but seem to occasionaly crash into each other The characters are prone long speeches and the dialogue is not natural If I was not captive in my car listening to it I wouldn't have lasted fifty pages in the book New York DA Butch Karp is recovering from his last case where he ended up taking an assassin's bullet He is still determined to find out and put behind bars the terrorists who targeted him killed several schoolchildren and are determined to cause the downfall of the American government Butch is out of work while recuperating but he's far from not being busyAn old friend comes to him with a legal case based in Idaho The man was a college baseball coach He lost his job and his reputation when he dismissed a rich man's son from the team after hearing about sexual predatory moves by the son at a party for recruits that should never have happened In retaliation those outraged by the dismissal start rumors that the coach set up the party in the first place and that everything that happened there is his fault The college under pressure from the father use the rumors to dismiss the coach and get him banned from coaching for ten years He needs Butch's help to fight the case and get his job and reputation backThe rest of the family aren't idle either Karp's wife befriends a man in Idaho whose daughter has been missing It's been long enough that he feels she is dead but he needs to find her so he can get closure and bury her with his wife Marlene gets involved in the case hoping to help him find what peace he can In the meantime Marlene and Butch's daughter is caught up in New York with the terrorist investigation; her ability to see things in the future giving insights into what needs to be done Can all these cases be resolved?This is a long standing series by Tanenbaum This particular novel is the nineteenth in the series and long time fans will find much to love here Those who haven't read the series will find that it can be read successfully as a stand alone Butch is always at the forefront of any fight he gets involved in and the reader will get insight into legal procedures and court cases as well as the machinations that go on behind the scene This book is recommended for legal thriller readers DNF In all fairness it's hard to jump into a series on book 19 however I have done so with other series that I didn't have as much trouble following the existing storyline and then went on to read the series from the beginning I only made it to page 90 and don't plan to try to start with book 1 Too many subplots and characters that were taking way too long to connect into anything cohesive This is one series I'll be avoiding in the future Soooo DisappointingI am a fan of the Butch Marlene series But this one was very disappointing Way too much historical narration and too many unrealistic plot lines I found myself skipping many pages at a time BTW who was watching the twins when Marlene Butch were in Idaho?? Maybe it was explained in one of those skipped pages An interesting read that takes you through a variety of settings I would give it a 35 because the dream Lucy has is used by the author to explain finding the dead body at the end and it just isn't believable decent but getting tired of the characters Robert K Tanenbaum may not be great writer His sense of story is fairly good as is his will to engage and entertain However Tanenbaum's plots are filled with contrivances and his prose itself is too direct and explanatory in its approach and his conflicts are too readily resolved These flaws chipped away at whatever greatness there might have been in Malice Karp's 18th novel in his Butch KarpMarlene Ciampi series Using the unjust trail without due process of Sir Walter Raleigh as a theme Tanenbaum takes on malicious foes who believe that they are above the law and do what ever it takes to serve their own individual needs and wants In Malice NY District Attorney Butch Karp his lethal weapon security expert wife Marlene Ciampi and his medium like savant polyglot daughter Lucy have their hands full with the secret powerful Sons of Man terrorist group a corrupt university president a myriad of assassins and a neo Nazi group based in Idaho As crazy at it sounds Malice features an attempted murder a cafe bombing an arson attack on a bookstore a a ferry hijacking and an assassination attempt on a US Senatorand somehow it all ties togetherSure Karp is approached by Mikey O'Toole the brother of an old college friend who has been unjustly fired and blackballed from his college baseball coach position by his Idaho university president as well as the ACAA Somehow even THAT is conveniently connected somehow to the Sons of Manwho turns out help finance a hate filled neo Nazi militia in Idaho And it just so happens that a man Marlene meets in Idaho has a tragic story that happens to connect to that very same university president who unjustly fired Mikey O'Toole And it just so happens that Lucy Karp overhears a conversation that explicitly spells out who the obvious target would be for the St Patrick's Day assassination attempt It's all just too muchIn addition to all that the takedown of the mysterious evil Sons of Man mastermind behind the St Patrick's Cathedral attack Jamys Kellagh was just too easy for anybody's good I can't stand it when writers smarten up then later dumb down their antagonists whenever its convenient So much for a criminal mastermind Worse Tanenbaum has Kellagh aka John Ellis spell out his evil plan so that a kindergartener could understand it YuckLook Malice is not without its merits and was in general somewhat entertaining Yet the novel is about 50 pages too long those chapters with Lucy and Jojola in New Mexico just went on and on and overstays its welcome by the end The contrivances were pushed to to the limit with Tanenbaum's story making the payoff at the end only marginally satisfying Manhattan district attorney Butch Karp and his wife Marlene Ciampi picks up where 2006's Counterplay left off Karp is recovering at Beth Israel Hospital after being shot by his rival and fellow prosecutor Rachel Rachman who was in turn gunned down by Ciampi Members of the Karp family have aided to thwart terrorist aimed at the pope The Behind the plot against the pope mayoral candidate and murderer Andrew Kane is believed dead but Karp suspects that someone at a high level in US security circles fed Kane information and remains poised to do the country further harm Once again Karp's daughter Lucy becomes involved in a plot so improbable that the author has Ciampi comparing it with the far fetched conspiracies of The Da Vinci Code Court room scenes action and suspense Louannehttptinyurlcom46smnlo This is another great story about the Karp familynot so much blood and gorea real mind teaser Again and again Tanenbaum teaches us what American Justice should be about and what sometimes happens when the corrupt have power or should I say the people who are in power use it corruptly Will the few honest uncorruptable powerful men please stand and identify yourselves I wouild like to personally know one Tanenbaum's Karp family stories give me hope that if it is written and imagined it must also exist Start the Karp reads from the beginning and you will soon be hooked Great charachterizations stories feel good recipies even and some sex thrown ingood married sex What could you want in a series of books FABULOUS AUTHOR

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  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Malice (Butch Karp, #19)
  • Robert K. Tanenbaum
  • English
  • 24 June 2016
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