DS An Anti Love Story

DS An Anti Love Story[Ebook] ➨ DS An Anti Love Story ➮ Gary S. Kadet – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk What happens when you step outside of your life for the briefest of moments Perry Patetick learns that when his fantasies become reality his life as he'd known it for ever would change in an instantWh What happens when you Anti Love PDF/EPUB é step outside of your life for the briefest of moments Perry Patetick learns that when his fantasies become reality his life as he'd known it for ever would change in an instantWhen Perry Patetick capriciously stumbles into Cruel and Unusual an SM boutiue after being fired from the newspaper he worked for he thought he found what had been missing from his lifeHis fiancee Ms Right the safeguard of his life is DS An Kindle - excluded from Perry's new sordid dark life and the downward spiral into the black abyss of the Ubu Roi an afterhours club where sex bondage and beatings are aproposBut what happens to reality when it's replaced by fantasy and all that you see is only an illusion Truth will prevail After Perry is sucked into the debauched lifestyle of Ds reality returns when Perry is named as the prime suspect in a brutal murder done SM styleAnd An Anti Love ePUB ´ reality is only Perry can save himself. I wanted to read other BDSM books that weren't necessarily the traditional romance genre This book is extremely well written Kadet crafts prose in a way I wish I could I was going to give this 4 stars because this story wasn't a romance and I love reading romances However I knew this novel wasn't a romance when I purchased it so I can't fault the book or its contents You can tell Kadet did his research It made me wonder if he personally was into the lifestyle He writes about play with such depth it's hard to believe he's not a submissive or switchIf you really love to read BDSM romantic or not then definitely get this book Not my usual read but was given to me by a friend I found it entertaining—murder some erotic elements ect The authors writing style is direct yet still descriptive What a book It seems Mr Kadet has his finger on the pulse of the SM scene His characters are as diverse as the people involved in this counterculture and his storyline grabs you and takes you on the wild journey that is Perry's existencePerhaps the reason people are frightened of this book is because Mr Kadet has done such a marvelous job of creating characters that are realistic His characters ARE believable in their roles We don't have to like all of them We aren't supposed to Just as in reality Mr Kadet allows us to form our own opinions He doesn't do our thinking for usExcellent job I look forward to reading books by this author in the hopefully near future I started hearing and seeing little bits here and there about a book called Ds by Gary S Kadet then a little and still The buzz started to build into a low roar the I heard the intrigued I became Finally I bought the book and I'm glad I listened because Ds is a novel that needs to be read absorbed devoured The power of the emotion the mesmerizing fetish scenes the laughter and the tears all come together to make Ds a sizzling must read first offering from Mr Kadet Congratulations One of the most riveting well written novels I have read in a long time What I love most are the twist and turns of the intricate plot I can honestly say I was never sure what was going to happen next I love the ride that Kadet brings the reader on through his skillfull writing I highly recommend it The rookie Life Arts editor of the Miltown Register Happy Boy fires reporter Perry Patetick who worked at the paper since graduating college Already discontented with his life though he loves and lives with his fiancée Perry wanders into an SM shop Cruel and Unusual There he receives an invitation to Carn evil a party later that same evening where he feels he finally discovers what is lacking in his life and that is not employmentPerry soon lives two lives one with his girl friend serving as a façade as he meanders through the world of Dominance and submissive That journey not only strengthens Perry's inner core but also leads the submissive to Dominance Karen Karenina Poshlust Perry and Karen fall in love but she is married to a husband who refuses to free her When someone murders Karen the police suspect her submissive Perry killed her in a crime of passion Perry refuses to uietly submit to the police and begins to make his own inuiriesDs is a powerful personality study into the velvet underground and grayish West St rather than an amateur sleuth tale The crisp story line is recreationally paced to add realism and filled with humor to ease the growing sexual tension awareness and choice The mystery is standard but does not slow down this insightful look at a fetish Not for everyone because there are some graphic moments that augments the authenticity of the plot but Gary S Kadet provides an original that will excite figuratively fans of counterculture character studies Was it fate that led Perry to the Cruel and Unusual a local fetish shop bursting with all types of paraphernalia used in the pursuit of kink? For from there Perry's whole world changed leading him to places he only had fantasized about before This tale of a twist of fate is chock full of excitement and intensity a tale that will touch your heart make you angry make you laugh and make you cry Ds is everything a novel should beand so much Perhaps because I was familiar with both the author and the New England BDSM scene in the 1990s I found this book actively disgusting It's something of a roman a clef with many of the characters given tissue paper thin pseudonyms and almost all made out to be oldfatunfit and mocked for daring to actually have sex lives while not matching up to the protagonist's ideals I will observe that the feuds between the author and the Boston area community were still findable in Usenet archives a few years agoIt doesn't help that the protagonist clearly perceives himself to be far superior in intelligence and looks to everyone around him from vanilla coworkers to the people he meets at the sm clubs and so the entire book is written with a contemptuous tone towards the rest of humanity I would agree that it is in fact an anti love story but would add that there is no love at all in the book Obsession yes arrogance yes; love no Frankly Gary S Kadet is an awful writer His execution was simply horrid Sure the synopsis was crafted with the utmost perfection if perfection euated to mediocrity but the story itself lacked a voice Had he not blatantly insulted the writing community some days ago as well as ridicule fellow published authors who opted to use Twitter as their playground I would not have known of this book Thanks so much Gary for this pile of hot mess Took me six days to complete it though I would've finished in half the time if the book was better written Best of luck in your writing endeavors and the way you handle your writer peers Mr Kadet You'll need it I read the prologue of Ds and just had to know what happened to Perry the reluctant hero of the book The pace slowed a bit in the first few chapters and I feared this would be a 'slow' book I needn't have worried Perry's dark erotic sometimes hilarious world pulled me in so that I resented any interruption of my reading time right up until I reached the end Many of the lines made me laugh out loud and just as many had me choked up with emotion It all kept me fascinated as I walked through this complex compelling world Congrats to Gary Kadet on a sensational novel

DS An Anti Love Story PDF × DS An  Kindle - Anti Love
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • DS An Anti Love Story
  • Gary S. Kadet
  • English
  • 04 July 2015
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