Introducing Keynesian Economics

Introducing Keynesian Economics❮EPUB❯ ✰ Introducing Keynesian Economics Author Peter Pugh – Best PDF, Introducing Keynesian Economics By Peter Pugh This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781840461572 format Paperback and others 176 pages Best PDF, Introducing Keynesian Economics By Peter Pugh This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn format Paperback and others pages. Should be read with a grain of salt but not a complete waste of time Good introduction to Keynes brief and succinct What I got from this presentation was that Keynes's thought was complex and sometimes contradictory I got lost when the authors tried to explain some finer points of Keynesianism I liked the explanation of why Reagan's application of monetarism Free Market Capitalism was actually a form of Keynesianism The US government increased spending dramatically during Reagan's terms mostly on building up the military and armaments The budget deficit rose from 60 billion in 1980 to 200 billion in 1985 A uick entertaining read that isn't uite sure of its audience this Graphic Guide to Keynes is full of clever references for the initiated and simplification for the novice The attempt to please both types of reader falls flat though leaving economists rolling their eyes and laymen scratching their headsThe book would make a good gift to a young student with an interest in economics Economic thinking?Some black and white illustrations Prime freebie A good biography of keynes The explanations of his evolving economic thinking is only adeuate he would occasionally contradict himself in speech Perhaps just read the books ignore anything he said whilst in the government A pretty good intro to Keynes both from a historical and economic perspective Good primerDecent primer A few things I didn't know It is obvious that the author is a fan Almost no criticism at all Good bookGood introduction and explains how we got where we are today I would recommend this book of you want to learn about economics GREAT SUMMARYThis is a fabulous summary It has a clearconcise outline of Keynesian policies with a mention of Friedman's Monetary Policies NOTES AS I READ114 Did Keynes lose groundcompromise on his Bretton woods stand? give in to pressures?Did the UK sweptlead by Keynes s'optimism believe that the IMF and WB will be prudent and benificial org's for the global citizen while the US thought its the ideal basis for extending its influenceempire and therefore it was in the both UK and US' interest to form these powerful organisations Were they acting sincerely for the greater good or simply following their own national interests? Could both motivations hold?cos self interest always does Or did it start out with one motivation which evolved into the other?The book has many subtlties within the ilustrations which go unexplaind Good cos it avoids info overload Bad cos all is not revealed important parts of the argument is omitted creates a bias So some things about this are excellent like the explanation of the multiplier the interwar years the rise of Hitler But there are some serious omissions so no mention of some of his work like 'the economics possibilities for our grandchildren' where Keynes' argues that in the future we wouldn't be working This means that I think their attempt to apply Keynesianism to the 70s and 80s are very poor reflections of what he would be writing about Also they don't mention that Keyne's believed in capital controls and localism in Banking which again seriously undermines their analysis of the 80s AlsoI read a version published in the 90s would obvz benefit from inclusion of 2008

Introducing Keynesian Economics ePUB ✓ Introducing
  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Introducing Keynesian Economics
  • Peter Pugh
  • 18 July 2015
  • 9781840461572