Good to Myself (Toronto, #10)

Good to Myself (Toronto, #10)☉ Good to Myself (Toronto, #10) PDF / Epub ❤ Author Heather Wardell – Internet columnist Lydia Grange is on the brink of the promotion she's wanted for two years As lead columnist of the Toronto Times' women's issue site she'll have the fame she longs for the money to f Internet columnist Lydia Grange is on the brink of the promotion she's wanted for two years As lead columnist of the Toronto Times' women's issue site she'll have the fame she longs for the money to fuel her Good to Epub / shopping obsession and all the free shoes she can wear Only one obstacle remains beating her coworkers Sasha the perfect mother and Patricia the bargain obsessed senior in a competition All three must be 'good to themselves' for four weeks and teach their readers to do the same and at the end of the time their sexy boss Felix will pick the winnerLydia's certain she will be that winner and not just because she knows Felix wants her on an unprofessional level She's never anything but good to herself so how could she not win Fancy drinks with extra whipped cream the cheesecake she adores the exuisite but pricey purse she's been craving With the help of her nice guy buddy and coworker Percy she'll just indulge herself even and make sure her fans do the same In a month both the job and her long desired fling with Felix will be hersIt'll be the easiest four weeks of her lifeUnless it turns out there's to self care than sex and shopping and sugar. Often you know from the first few sentences on whether you are going to like a book or not Well this one had my attention from the start There are some things that I could recognize and that adds somehing to the story for me The book is a fluent read and the most important thing about it is how to be good to yourself Maybe you thought you were doing that already but when you take a closer look it did not seem to be that wayIt was full of funny things romance friendship and the ending well you saw it coming but that's the way it is in this genrei really enjoyed it 45 starsI don't normally climb on a soapbox in my reviews but please bear with me I've noticed uite a few reviews of Wardell's work while positive dismiss her books as cute beach reads or the like I'm paraphrasing but that sums it up and I've seen it uite a bitI read a lot of dark fiction including true crime But with the American election looming the Standing Rock catastrophe the Black Lives Matter crisis Syria and the latest terrorist attack overseas the world can be a damn depressing place I desperately needed something that would keep me from wanting to jump out a window something that would lift my spiritsGood to Myself did that and in such an engaging and entertaining way Wardell creates characters that breathe and while they are flawed and definitely have their share of struggles there's a strong message of optimism than runs through her books It's part of what makes them so enjoyable to readSoclimbs on soapbox books like these that lift our spirits and give us someone to root for someone whom we know is going to find her happy ending are just as important and worthwhile as Tolstoy and Steinbeck Perhaps so because if we want bleakness we don't need to read 1000 pages we can just go on social media for five minutesI've read or attempted to read a lot of shitty trite women's fiction If you like Wardell's work enough to take it with you on vacation that's the result of a lot of talent and even hard work Let us not dismiss the happy books as light Because nowadays than ever they're doing a hell of a lot of heavy liftingsteps off soapboxAnd yeah I really liked this book In case you couldn't tell Heather Wardell might be putting these books out just a bit too fast Sure they're light fluffy and a good escape but they're all starting to sound the same How is Lydia really that different from Andrea in A Life That Fits for instance The themes are getting repetitive so I hope Wardell starts to stretch her wings a bit Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review I am a big fan of Heather Wardell’s writingThe story began with Lydia’s memory of a hot kiss with Felix now I’m all for a scene which includes hot kissing but unfortunately I found that I couldn’t uite connect with it because it happened so early on – I just didn’t feel like I knew the characters enough at that point However as I got to know them better I began to see the significance of that moment Lydia had been crushing on her boss Felix since she first started working with him but seemed to be playing hard to get until the kissing incidentWhen the challenge was set for Lydia and her work colleagues to be ‘good to yourself’ for four weeks Lydia already felt that she had it all figured out and it would be easy This is why I found it so fascinating to follow her progress because she certainly found it harder than she thought she wouldLydia’s life soon became rather complicatedRomantic problems – her sexy boss was making it very clear that he wanted her she felt confused by her changing feelings towards her friend Percy and she also had an unhealthy way of dealing with her sexual frustrationFamily problems – her parents were refusing to accept that they needed to move out of their home and she faced the wrath of her persistent sister if she didn’t try to persuade themWork problems – the ‘good to yourself’ challenge was much of a challenge than she first thought and it meant that she had to rethink her lifestyle particularly her cheesecake habitAs always with this authors books there was a message to take in this time I felt the main message was that treating yourself all the time doesn’t necessarily make you happy if you want to achieve a balanced lifestyle sometimes you need to be a bit tougher on yourself and go withoutAs Lydia came to realise all this her attitude began to change and I loved seeing her transform before my eyes what happened in the run up to the end was perfect and left me with a big smile on my faceThis was an enjoyable feel good read which left a good message in my mind Good to Myself is the tenth book in Wardell's Toronto series Taken from the author's website wwwheatherwardellcom While these books don't form a strict series they are all set in the same area of Toronto and some of the earlier books' characters and locations do make appearances in later books I don't think you'd completely spoil your reading experience by picking them up out of order but you would definitely find spoilers of how the earlier books endI've loved each and every book in the Toronto series and recommend them all I always have to make sure that I have several hours to sit and read once I start one of Wardell's books because I have to read them in one to two sittings They are just that good So it was with great excitement that I started Good to Myself I was so happy to read Good to Myself just after the New Year It was a great time to read a book about making better choices for yourself The choices Lydia makes for her life gave me the motivation to make some better personal choices like cutting back on sugar and like Lydia inspired me to try hot tea instead of a sugary latteI enjoyed this book a lot; although I did have trouble identifying with some aspects of Lydia's personality there were many things about her that really resonated with me I especially liked that she was an Internet columnist as many of her work concerns were similar to my blogging issuesI loved the conflict resolution and the way the story ended It was a perfect ending emotional without being too sappy I also am uite interested in the next book in the series which is Larissa's story I've always wondered about Larissa and look forward to reading about herIf you haven't read Heather Wardell yet I highly recommend her work Her first novel and one of my favorites is free on her website wwwheatherwardellcom Heather Wardell did it againI am blown away by yet another great book by Heather I have read all of them so far and got this book when it first came out but decided to let it sit on the shelve for a little bit I love her books and was really afraid to have to wait along time to get another read from herFinally I decided it is time to read this and I am blown awayHeather Wardell has a way to let us not only read a great story but to make us think about certain things in life Her book Planning to Live and now Good To Myself both have had an impact on how I face and live life every dayAll together a Great Fun and Easy Read If you have never read on of Heather's booksI recommend you start with her Free one Life Love And A Polar Bear Tattoo and watch out you will get addicted to her books Heather Wardell is one of my favorite authors so to say that I enjoyed her book is always repetitive Each book has a message that sticks to me and this one to me is all about instant gratification That slice of cheesecake you know you should have that expensive purse buying clothes you like but don't really love yep Lydia Grange can relate to you there So when the promotion she's been longing for is right around the corner and all she needs to do is beat her two coworkers for the position Lydia is up for the challenge The three of them have to be good to themselves and teach their readers to do the same Lydia is confident she will win since she's all about being good to herself but little does she know that instant gratification may not always be the best way to be good to yourself I really love Wardell's books and several have resonated with me A Life that Fits was a book that came at the right time in my life That being said I didn't have the same experience with Good to Myself Although I like the premise I felt like it didn't go far enough in what being good to yourself means Also Wardell's novels have always been uick fun reads but I found with this one there were so many short chapters with details that did not seem to advance the plot that made it difficult for me to stay in the storyOverall I still love reading a chick novel set in Toronto and about women dealing with sex and relationship issues in complex ways I do look forward to from Wardell I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book for the most part It was well written and interesting A bit predictable but it didn't make the story boring which was good I liked most of the characters which was unusual for me There were one or two things that annoyed me about the story but that was due to the personality of the character which was needed for the story to go ahead so I think that was necessary All in all I would definitely recommend this bookHeather Wardell I would love to be articulate with this review but the book kept me up so late again that I can't promise that I adore Heather Wardell's writing How she brings in characters from other her other novels while telling a new story It always feels fresh I even would love to visit Toronto now someday Though I would probably be disappointed when I couldn't find Steel on the map The Toronto in my head from her stories is a wonderful place