Papas House Mamas House

Papas House Mamas House⚣ [PDF] ✅ Papas House Mamas House By Jeanette Patindol ✰ – A child recounts how he and his siblings live in their Mama's house some days and in their Papa's house during the other days Told from the voice of a child this book reminds us that children who grow A child recounts how he and his siblings live in their Mama's house some days and in their Papa's house during the other Papas House eBook º days Told from the voice of a child this book reminds us that children who grow up with two parents in one home are raised and loved no differently than those who have two homes. I ‘ve got a ” I Read Like a Child Syndrome” nowA heart breaking scene in the storyOne day I asked Papa“ Papa why can’t you and Mama live with us in one home?”Papa said “ Do you think trains and planes can fly together ?”And I said “ Uhmm I guess not Trains go by land and planes fly in air”Papa patted my head and smiledThe next day I asked Mama“ Mama why can’t you and Papa live with us in one home?”Mama took out my paint set and said“ Let’s mix white and yellow together What color do you get?”I felt as though I was the mother being asked by the child at loss for words confused how I should explain to a child about my separation from my husband The same situation if I were the fatherThe story is the imaginary product of the writer’s true experience when some weeks after she and her husband separated her five year old son asked her “ Mama what is a broken home?”As the writer is aware of how a broken family usually goes like the mother and the father came to terms that their three children Bianca Anna and probably the youngest –daughter narrator will take spend time with each other according to the days agreed upon The three daughters will stay with their mother from Mondays to Thursdays; with their father from Fridays to Sundays The story also tells the way they perceive their parents personality as they get along with them For them their father sounds somewhat a stickler for whatever they do whereas their mother is somewhat lenient as long as they are responsible for the things they do As they grow up they come to the point that they are confused about their differences with other families I may be a broken family not in a literal meaning as the common perception of society that a mother and father separate but in a sense that my mother passed away when my younger sister was still three years old then We were also still considered young at that time for we were not responsible enough for ourselves So no wonder this book had an emotional impact on me I felt as if there is something missing in my life that I have been looking for and I see in other families with envy Besides I understand the writer probably so do you if you are in the same boat But I know anyone can be affected by thisAnother thing that I liked in this book is its uniue but semi abstract illustrations Its highlight backdrop is as red as Chinese lucky color I guess the writer is of Chinese extraction; then mixed with Filipino things With the benefit of hindsight I want to realize how this book educates children since this is recommended for kids ages 6 and above I have come up with a developmental psychologist’s review“ It sends the message that children in “ two homes” are not different nor are they loved and nurtured any less by their parents than children in two parent homes “ Papa’s House Mama’s House opens the way for greater tolerance understanding and empathy in children and adults alike “Despite the expert’s opinion honestly I still doubt how this book affects a young reader If I pursued my dream to be a child psychologist it would be my ideal subject of scientific studiesI enjoy reading children books now It may be due to my deprivation when I was still young that my parents were not able to buy me books a child should read Literary Awards 2004 PBBY Salanga Grand Prize Winner 2004 PBBY Alcala Grand Prize Winner Rating 45 stars My best friend had a boyfriend Due to issues never settledThe relationship endedThey have a daughter so cute and cuddlyHer smiles are a beautyYet she's young and innocentAnd may not know this kind of settlementBut I hope one day she seesThis kind of story with too much feelsI may suck at poetry but at least the will to try still lives in me This one's my favorite Filipino authored children's story So far I've come across Papa's House Mama's House almost a year ago while browsing through the children's section of a local bookstore The colors were vivid and the words were big and scarce enough per page It even contained some rhymes The illustrations were very childish and childlike that I spent uite some time just staring at them The drawings were fairly simple but filled with heavy swirly colors Exactly my typeThis story is bilingual much like my 6th grade copy of the Bible There's a Filipino and English version on each page The Filipino title was you guessed it Bahay ni Papa Bahay ni Mama I was usually turned off by such books but this was different The theme was especially different and rareDivorceAnd I loved how the author explained the need for separation She explained it in terms of trains and planes as well as in color mixing that its readers child and adult could relate to It was splendid Sure the story centered on a broken family who still functions because both heads of the houses are somewhat amicable Still for a theme flagged down as taboo for so long it's very helpfulI especially loved the background of the story how the author decided to write this About how her own son felt a little harassed by the well meaning neighbors who kept asking about his broken familyDo you feel broken?NoThen you're notI might have not remembered the exact dialogue but that's the gist I need to get myself a copy of this Mahusay na pagtatangkang talakayin ng separation lalo na sa isang bansang mariin pa ring kinukundina bilang moral na kasalanan ang divorce May ilan lang akong kahingian na maaaring pagmamalabis din tulad ng paggamit ng Home instead of House sa pamagat na maaring maging isang paraan upang mas maging mapaglaya ang kwento Ngunit iba rin naman ang usaping ito sa tagalogSa huli salamat pa rin sa tapang at husay can i have a copy nthng GOOD