White Horses Over France

White Horses Over France❰Ebook❯ ➧ White Horses Over France Author Robin Hanbury-Tenison – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk White Horses over France tells the story of a magical journey and how in fulfillment of a personal dream the first Camargue horses set foot on British soil in the late summer of 1984 it is also a vigo White Horses Over France tells the story of a magical journey and how in fulfillment of a personal dream the first Camargue horses set foot on British soil in the late summer of it is also a vigorous celebration of life on horseback and in particular a tribute to two enchanting and affectionate characters who bred for White Horses eBook ¶ their stamina intelligence and skill at working with bulls proved to be scared stiff of cows and even sheep In a life filled with exotic explorations and adventures Robin Hanbury Tenison had always nursed one particular ambition to bring home to his farm in Cornwall working horses from the famous wetlands of southern France He and his wife Louella chose two horses and named them respectively Thibert and Tiki after the village where the finest Camargue saddles are made and the paddle steamer on the Petit Rhone Their mile route encompassed ancient fortified towns in Languedoc rocky plains skirting the Massif Central the beautiful gorge of the Aveyron prehistoric caves the Dordogne the Loire and the waterways of Brittany Camping and sampling the delights of country inns Robin and Louella encountered a rich array of landowners peasant farmers blacksmiths fishermen and caf. I don't know I had high expectations because I had come across the name Hanbury Tenison uite a lot recently And since I have traveled in France extensively including on horseback this seemed like the perfect introduction to his workBut the book failed to capture me soemhow I'm not exactly sure why I was going to say that it is too technical but it isn't Actually he could have gone into a bit detail about how exactly they mastered the every day challenges of traveling on horseback I was going to say that i was too emotionless but that too is not true He may not be overenthusiastic and we wouldn't want him to be but he certainlydoesn't hide how much he enjoys the experience of riding from the Camargue to England with his horses and his wifeThen why was I unable to relate?At the risk of losing all my British readers do I even have British reafers? I am going to say that I think it is due to the fact that Hanbury Tenison doesn't care for France Or if he does he certainly hides it well Sure he likes the landscape and he likes SOME French people but in general I seems to be rather wary of all things French Since I'm in general rather enamoured with the French even if there is no good reason to be this makes us complete opposites Which would go a long way to explaining why I wasn't moved by his bookStill I will give him another try because he is really not a bad writer and there is no better way to see the world than to travel on horseback Reading about him traveling in a country that I don't feel uite as emotional about has probably less potential for conflict This is a lovely tale of husband and wife deciding to ride two Camargue ponies across France and back to Cornwall England The book covers how they first came up with the idea and choosing their ponies through building up their first relationships getting lost in rural France and fially crossing back over the channel into Cornwall Wonderfully written with excellent descriptions and photos of the trip this made me head straight out to the stables to go for a nice long ride Although mine only lasted a couple of hours The two horse Tiki and Thibert look smashing and the whole adventure must have been so much fun Another one of my read years ago books A travel saga from the Camargue to Cornwall as Robin and his wife Louella bring two Camargue horses Thibert and Tiki all the way from the the south of France to England A kind of 'Mr and Mrs Smith' go rough

White Horses Over France Kindle ↠ White Horses
  • Hardcover
  • White Horses Over France
  • Robin Hanbury-Tenison
  • English
  • 03 July 2014
  • 9780246125293