Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious

Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious[Reading] ➶ Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious By Pat Gohn – The lively and unforgettable Gohn guides readers through moments of her life that have shaped her identity and understanding of womanhood abiding love and talent for music breast cancer in her thirtie The lively and unforgettable Gohn guides readers through moments of her life that have shaped her identity and understanding of womanhood abiding love and talent for music breast cancer in her thirties and coming to understand true feminism in light of Church teaching and Mary's example. Pat beautifully encapsulates what it means to live out the mission and calling to be a Catholic woman So many topics are discussed to help us understand them and then provides resources to seek information Thank you for writing this Pat I have learned so much and the book has blessed my faith journey In 1989 a friend from my parish choir introduced me to a document that would change my life – Mulieris Dignitatem—Blessed John Paul II’s famous encyclical On the Dignity and Vocation of Women It was this document that dispelled all my misconceptions about how the Church actually viewed the modern woman and it was John Paul II’s words which enhanced my self esteem altered my attitude toward the Church and positively impacted my mission in life Today it is Pat Gohn’s wonderful book Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood that has bathed me in grace and renewed my spirit once again In it Pat shares her personal life experiences along with the Church’s teachings on women which confirm that they are indeed blessed beautiful and bodaciousI must admit that it was the title that first caught my attention In my world it isn't every day that one hears the word “bodacious” to describe women But beyond that I was drawn in by the magic of her winning writing style – which is warm witty and entertaining Reading this book was like having a conversation with a close friend It was simple yet heartfelt with some laughs and some straight talk about the things that matter most in our livesWhat captured my interest was the topic – the dignity of women – and what makes them blessed beautiful and bodacious Pat does a comprehensive job of covering the topic Using Scripture passages excerpts from encyclicals saint uotes and her own personal experiences to illustrate certain points she helps us understand ourselves from a theological point of view and to appreciate our blessings the reasons we are special our beauty our spiritual beauty and uniue gifts and our mission as women the task to which God calls each of us The last chapter was my favorite part of the book in which Pat discusses spiritual motherhood making specific suggestions that women as spiritual mothers can implementIn response to society’s counterfeit definition of feminism which deprives women of their true dignity Pat offers women an alternative – to discover the truth about womanhood and to appreciate the authentic reasons why they are treasured and why they were created “Feminine genius” is a term that has been long used by the Church Isn't it time we put it into practice?In summary I thoroughly enjoyed reading Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious It was uplifting entertaining and informative It also provided some very specific suggestions that I can use in my daily life to carry out the mission to which the Lord has entrusted me This is a must read for all women – single married divorced or widowed It would also be beneficial for men to read this book too if they desire to understand and to support the women in their lives I give Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood my highest recommendation This book was good for my soul Pat Gohn writer speaker and host of the popular SPN podcast “Among Women” presents in her debut book Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood a new brand of feminism based upon the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and writings by John Paul II where he coined the phrase “feminine genius” In her brand of feminism there is no holding back “The most excellent women the bodacious women are women who authentically live their dignity and gifts They don’t keep beauty and blessing to themselves They lovingly lavish it upon others their ability to stretch and serve sends positive ripple effects into the world”This is about power but not the power of domination over men It’s the power to be fully female And that power is drawn from within from the Source that created women in the first placePat also grew up during the women’s liberation movement She was ambitious wanting to make her mark in the world “I was schooled in the cultural cliché that told women that you are what you do My generation was among the first expected to compete with men – not rely on them or trust them There was so much to achieve and I was an eager achiever” pg 12Pat was also a spiritual woman devoted to her Catholic faith She found increasing disparity between grasping for outer achievement and “living from the inside out” It didn’t seem to add upMarriage and motherhood only served to aggravate her frustration She could no longer live for her own desires and ambitions; there were others to consider Priorities had to be set – what was most important?It was here and freuently throughout the book that I kept writing “That’s me” or “Me too” in the margins Pat’s candid sharing of her life experience and how she eventually reconciled it through a growing knowledge and devotion to Mary mirrored my own lifePat’s message is especially important to women of my generation and before Too many times I have witnessed women who have no sense of their own worth who don’t love themselves enough to take time for themselves to nurture themselves They spend every last bit of love and energy on those around them and often without recompense I have seen such women sad depressed and burnt out All this even though these same women grew up seemingly enjoying the advantages of women’s liberationI long for these women to read chapters 4 7 where Pat spells out the beautiful gifts of women receptivity generosity sensitivity and maternity• Receptivity the capacity to recognize and receive love Seeking out and drawing in those around us into relationship• Generosity the giving of ourselves to others the natural extension of receptivity – we receive love therefore we give love• Sensitivity sensing and discerning things of the heart those things of God Sometimes called feminine intuition sensitivity allows us to read others and attend to their needs as a result• Maternity giving life whether literally as in having a baby or figuratively in the way we care for othersThese are the gifts to cherish the ones that make a true difference in the lives of others This is what Pat means by “living from the inside out” These gifts must be nurtured from within connected intimately with the God who gave them They are what changes lives forever for the goodPat writes often of Mary as the courageous example because of her unwavering “yes” to God to bear His son This “yes” wasn’t a “yes” of duty but one given in trust despite not knowing how it would impact her life She joyfully accepted her role and couldn’t wait to share the news with her cousin Elizabeth It was a “yes” that would lead to glorious blessings and deep suffering all of which she pondered in her heart Pat writes “Submission to God’s plan is anything but a weak choice Being a loving and faithful servant did not demean Mary; it fulfilled her Mary helped me find the grace I needed to lay down my old self centered ways – in exchange for a new a joyful feminine love that embraced others without fear and without having to receive something in order to give” pg 57Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious affirms the choices I made for my children back when I was a young mother It affirms the path I take today growing in faith and learning how to give away all the love I receive from my God within Pat’s journey was my journey and I believe it may be yours too It’s a journey and a book that I can heartily recommend Upon reading the very last page of Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious by Pat Gohn I flipped through the entire book to make sure I didn't leave any bookmarks in it before passing it onto my mother And what did I find? I found that the majority of my copy had turned pink No no it wasn't a miracle It was just all of my pink highlights on nearly every page of this incredible helpful essential book for womenBlessed Beautiful and Bodacious is a must read for every Catholic woman because in it Ms Gohn lays out the fullness of truth about what it means to be a woman based on God's amazing love for women Did you know He's really crazy in love with us? How He designed us what gifts He gave us and the mission He calls us to fulfill are all part of His perfect plan to bring us closer to Him as we grow comfortably in our own skin In BBB we discover not only who we are but WHOSE we are And when we discover the truth of what it means to truly be a woman in God's eyes it's like breathing a breath of fresh crisp clean air It's calming cleansing and invigoratingWhy? Because for many many years women have been fighting too hard and in ways that have exhausted and frustrated us We have been fighting against our very nature to receive God ourselves and others; give generously; be sensitive to God's promptings and others' hearts; and be maternal whether with our own children or those around us who simply need our prayers and spiritual supportBut we don't have to fight against our very nature and our God given gifts Rather we can celebrate who we are made to be as blessed beautiful and bodacious women And Pat Gohn shows us howThis authentic womanhood that we as women have simply because God designed us this way doesn't make us less important than men or second rate Rather the Catholic Church praises this authentic womanhood as feminine genius and recognizes us to play an extremely important and essential role in the Church and in the world today It's time we begin celebrating this authentic womanhood this feminine genius tooThe very gifts God gave women receptivity generosity sensitivity and maternity will give bodacious witness to our role in helping no saving our culture and world For a woman's influence in the world consists of being a guardian of life We give witness to it in our very nature and that should extend to the moral leadership we have wherever we live and work BBB 161The insights that are revealed in BBB are very edifying not only because of the truthful content but also because of Gohn's wonderful writing style She takes familiar topics and reveals them in a new and brighter light Reading this book is like sitting on the front porch sipping coffee and chatting with a friend Gohn is very straightforward but in a very loving real approachable and even humorous at times way She shares her own very real and relatable experiences that help us connect with her as a friend and mentor And throughout the pleasant conversation she invites Our Blessed Mother to be our ultimate spiritual mother and friend for no other woman lives out blessed beautiful and yes even bodacious uite like Mary For Mary pondered everything that happened to her and lived out God's will for her life perfectly and she invites us to do the same Mary helps us move toward cherishing the women we were born to be BBB 157The truth about authentic womanhood that Pat Gohn outlines in Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious gives me great hope joy and a renewed pride in being Catholic Catholic women really need to hear this message because many of us don't know God's crazy love nor understand His amazing design for us This message which has always been the Church's teaching is just so vital in our world today because it debunks the lies that are out there about the Catholic Church's views on womanhood What we hear in the media and in the culture is simply not true If we want to know what God and therefore the Church really thinks we should start by reading Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious For this book shouts truth and celebrates womanhood on every single page A young woman I know told me she loved the title of this book saying You had me at bodaciousA lot of people love that word bodaciousThis review is for the rest of us the ones who see bodacious and cringe a littleI am here to tell you Be not afraid What Pat Gohn really is writing about is what Blessed John Paul II called the feminine geniusWhat Pat Gohn does beautifully is contrast what it means to be a woman in today's culture versus what the Catholic Church recognizes about true feminismFew women I know really understand the depth of their own beauty because they are too busy comparing themselves with others or have been unfairly compared and rejected by others But what if I told you that there is a level playing field? What if you found out that every woman has gifts that make her beautiful beauty derived from something innate and eternal and not fleeting or skin deep These gifts sing in sync with the beauty of a woman's inborn femininity a standard for true beauty far beyond mere appearancesGohn gives examples from the challenges and rewards of her own life as she takes us through the gifts every woman has receptivity generosity sensitivity and maternity I was touched than a few times by her elouent celebration of the true meaning of womanhood and her ways of pointing out the truths that many today have forgottenA woman's body was made to nurture and bring life into the world Her vocation resembles her maternal nature; it bears fruit that gives life A woman's relationships with others even though they may not be fruitful biologically as in giving birth to a child can be fruitful spiritually Her receptivity and her generous and sensitive care of others can give birth to good fruit of a spiritual nature in the lives of other people In this way a woman's life giving gift of self to others is made through loving service bearing the good news of love through her personGohn continually expands our vision of common understanding about women almost flipping them upside down as we are shown new ways to think That is a great part of what makes it so applicable to women of every age I knew deep down for example what Gohn tells us above about bearing spiritual fruit but I'd never heard it anywhere Her discussion in the book brought it to the surface for me It made me appreciate that aspect of my own personality as part of my personal feminine genius bestowed upon me by GodI think that's going to be a typical experience for all women young or old when reading this book Pat Gohn is a genius at speaking about feminine genius Definitely recommended We still buy the lie Women are told that if they want to be successful in the world they have to be like men or like a how to succeed in business stereotype Aggressive detached from commitments; and self serving No softness no vulnerability and certainly no thinking of others We have to put ourselves first or we will never succeed and be fulfilled Its in every women's magazine in daytime talk shows self help books and on the web We have to put off having children and getting married putting our work lives in first place above all before our marriage That will bring us happiness they promiseWomen wait so long to get married that they often miss their opportunity to have children and pursue costly IVF procedures in a desperate attempt to 'have it all'We see this model of success at all costs in Hollywood yet what do the biggest starlets long for the ones who have it all fame money the best roles the perfect body and the enviably handsome man? They want time off from Hollywood to have children to have a private life where they can devote themselves to those they love their children and their husbandThat should tell us somethingThe desire to be receptive to love and to give of ourselves completely in love is built into the female heart It is the key to fulfillment as a woman no matter what role you play in the world Pat Gohn in Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious; Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood takes the reader by the hand and gently talks to her inmost soul where these desires lie ignored gently coaxing the reader into allowing her innate femininity flourish and blossom into authentic womanhoodUsing down to earth inspiring stories from her own life Pat demonstrates how women can learn the ironic truth; that humility receptivity and generous self giving do not render us powerless they are the keys to unlocking God's powerful grace in our souls Pat describes how Mary is the uintessential example she humbly received Christ into her womb by the most generous act of self giving possible and the world was forever changed as a result The humblest handmaid of the Lord became the most revered and respected woman of all time all generations shall call me blessedI was moved by Pat's honest personal stories of how she evolved from a I am woman hear me roar feminist to the authentically Catholic happy fulfilled self giving woman she is today She overcame tremendous challenges in her life and thanks to friends who built her up and mentored her she grew in her ability to love and give of herselfIts that warm mentoring which makes Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious the must read self improvement book of the year I can tell you already that one of the books on my “Best of 2013″ list is the newly released brilliance in B by Pat Gohn Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious Celebrating the Gift of Catholic WomanhoodFor one thing there’s the title Pat has a streak of sassy New England and she also has a swash of practical Midwestern She’s studied and she’s lived And it’s all there in a title that makes me smile every time I see itFor another thing there’s the content This book makes a big promise it has a sort of all encompassing premise that could really fall flat I mean how many of us celebrate cramps or hot flashes or pains in various parts of our bodies? And put the word Catholic in there and there’s a whole separate set of gripes I could point outI’m a biiiiig fan of Pat her velvet voiced Among Women podcast is one of my favorites but even I wondered if a book with “bodacious” in the title could be for realIn a word YESModern thinking meets Church teaching written by the woman who’s pouring you coffee and pulling out her stash of chocolate to share Pat doesn’t shy away from the tough issues she faces them suarely and just takes ‘em onAnd then there’s Mary I’m pretty sure it was Pat Gohn who first introduced me to referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary as “Mama” And at the end of each chapter in a way that’s so approachable and real that even I couldn’t roll my eyes Pat gives the world an inside look at her devotionAnd it’s blessed beautiful and bodaciousTruly the title of this book doesn’t just describe Pat’s vision of what Catholic womanhood is and should be—Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious describes the book itself It’s a blessing to read beautifully executed and bodacious all around I won’t be surprised when it becomes a Catholic bestseller for the way it so easily shares so much information so well I won’t be surprised when I give it as a gift to people who already have it because it’s that good If you don’t have a copy don’t waitThink of it this way you’ll read it and love it and leave notes in the margins Then you’ll share it with your best friend who won’t be able to give it back because her sister will need to read itSo highly recommended I’ve already gifted a few copies of it What a wonderful book I have listened to pat Gohn's podcast Among Women for a little over a year now and so it almost felt as if her voice was coming through the pages reading personally to meReflecting on the Bible Church teachings and the writings of the Popes and Saints Gohn expounds on the God given dignity beauty and goodness of women I love her personal story of befriending Mary and the guidance she has received from our Blessed Mother through parenting marriage and many challenges she faced in her life Through her example we too as Catholic women can call Mary our Spiritual Mother and ask for her assistance both in our daily lives and in our spiritual journey She wants to bring us to her son Jesus'Blessed Beautiful and Bodacious' is truly like a box of fine chocolates meant to be savored and then shared with friends Which is exactly what I plan to do This reminded me of Style Sex Substance 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter but by just one author Like the reader in the introduction I was intrigued by the word bodacious and I enjoyed Pat Gohn's reclaiming it from the realm of bad 80s90s slang This read like a guide to empowerment for Catholic women I can identify with a woman who's trying to balance her Catholicity with the worldRead my full review at Austin CNM

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