Brian Chippendale Maggots

Brian Chippendale Maggots❴Read❵ ➵ Brian Chippendale Maggots Author Brian Chippendale – In this follow up to his acclaimed graphic novel Ninja which was reviewed in such diverse sources as The New York Times Art Review and The Comics Journal the co founder of the legendary Providence und In this follow up to his acclaimed graphic novel Ninja which was reviewed in such diverse sources as The New York Times Art Review and The Comics Journal the co founder of the legendary Providence underground art and music space Fort Thunder gives us an immersive Brian Chippendale PDF/EPUB or frenetic reading experience originally drawn in over the pages of a Japanese book catalogue Brian Chippendale's monumental page graphic novel Maggots is reproduced here in a facsimile edition with every nick and tear in tact The line work incredibly dense because Chippendale needed to cover up the Japanese catalogue nearly vibrates off every page As for the story it concerns a group of characters who live in a place called Fort Thunder and wander around discovering little holes in their universe battle a capitalist landlord eat peanut butter sandwiches and embark on adventures somewhere between dirt punk and epic cosmic science fiction Chippendale's drawings are much like his famed drumming for the noise rock band Lightning Bolt propulsive soulful and chaotic But like his best songs Maggots opens up into beautiful visual passages vistas of temples and flowers all drawn in scorching black marks that tell a story in their own abstractions This book has several built in cult followings. The striking cumulative effect of endless small boxes of utterly mundane action sitting looking eating sleeping sleeping with walking running walking walking against an insensible black void gradually giving way to a kind of identification investment and sense of verisimilitude Which only makes those moments that suddenly break into action or total surreality feel much significant when they come An obliterated and off handed epic Chippendale first did Ninja and followed it up with this If N' Oof come after This was done in 1996 as part of work Chippendale was doing for the art and music collective he co founded For Thunder in Providence RI This work is 350 pages long in small book fashion 4 x6 ? all done on a Japanese catalogue he had to ink over and then scratch off it looks to me like It's the story of a little guy character maybe in a world of maggots who is also like a twenty something guy who goes through his life eating drinking having sex etc but the narrative is disjointed; it's a series of disconnected narratives really or the point might be that it is essentially non narrative slackerish sideways for this guy So Chippendale is a drummer My first image of rock drummer is the Sesame Street character Animal who is just crazy manic Well I am told Chippendale as a drummer is like Animal in some respects I dunno haven't heard his music yet but will check out I can say the art is manic My first impression is that is alternative or underground comix and I'm not wrong there in a sense but this is primarily artwork that seems to have been done very very fast propulsively out of a kind of chaos Not easy to read If he scratches off to be able to write dialogue you can't read the dialogue very easily because of the Japanese characters Some pages have than 40 little panels with this little guy making very little expression and not changing all that much A kind of stasis Conceptually interesting as art work maybe but not that engaging to me initially at all And yet when I slow down a bit and reread it the nature of the maggot's life begins to emerge Still I can't imagine many people except conceptual art freaks that would go out of their way to spend very much time with this But just what I've written this far it's maybe repulsive or boring or interesting to you or maybe all of that I'd guess I guess that's kinda the way I felt about it It's about an idea of representation of a life Alienating obfuscating lost A kind of life in a sort of void Increasingly as a form of representation I come to appreciate what it is doing even if I don't love it as I would many comprehensible stories The notion of comprehensibility and the uestion of how muchlittle narrative can sometimes do to help us understand certain kind of lives or life experiences itself seems to be the point here I wrote a review of this under appreciated work at my blog Surreal Confusing Sexy?A crew of critters that travel through space via trap doors eat peanut butter fornicate and battle an oppressive land lord I think The story is very confusing and doesn't follow the usual left to right top to bottom format It's a very challenging read However there are very few books like it I enjoyed it my first time through and I'm sure there will be new things I notice by reading it again It reminded me of Henry Darger's work look into it In fact on of his drawings are on the back inside cover of the book Weird and hard to read I guess that's kinda awesome in a way? I spent most of my time trying to figure out the panel order then just when I thought I had it down he'd change it Or at least I'd think he would Something would happen to seem like it changed It's mostly about a little guy who goes around pulling out eyeballs including his own and fucking things Things like this I think you just either like or don't like on a gut level and there's really no use arguing about it This has inspired me to create a goodreads bookshelf called not for me but i'm glad this exists Finished it an hour ago still not convinced that there's a plot A lot of penises and intense OCD rendering cute Nice little cute book of intensity we expect from Herr Chippendale this meant so much to me when i first read it Hypnotic and dangerous this book is GOLD Nothing explained; what's the point in understanding?

Brian Chippendale Maggots PDF Á Brian Chippendale
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  • 08 September 2014
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