The Silver Dream

The Silver Dream❮Reading❯ ➳ The Silver Dream ➬ Author Neil Gaiman – Sixteen year old Joey Harker has just saved the Altiverse—the dimension that contains all the myriad Earths—from complete destruction After mastering the ability to walk between dimensions Joey an Sixteen year old Joey Harker has just saved the Altiverse—the dimension that contains all the myriad Earths—from complete destruction After mastering the ability to walk between dimensions Joey and his The Silver eBook ´ fellow InterWorld Freedom Fighters are on a mission to maintain peace between the rival powers of magic and science who seek to control all worldsWhen a stranger named Acacia somehow follows Joey back to InterWorld’s Base things get complicated No one knows who she is or where she’s from—or how she knows so much about InterWorld Dangerous times lie ahead and Joey has no one to rely on but himself and his wits—and just maybe the mysterious Acacia JonesFull of riveting interdimensional battles epic journeys between worlds and twists and turns along the way this seuel to the New York Times bestselling InterWorld is a thrilling mind bending adventure through time and space. B 74% | More than Satisfactory Notes Small scale and miluetoast despite its epic ambition Lacks the detailed mundanities that enliven imagined worlds Allow me to introduce you to Joe Joey Josephina Jaytimes a hundredEvery universe has a Joey and only a few of them manage to discover their true potential They are Walkers no not that kind of Walker They alone can travel between worlds and stop the Big Bads rival powers of Magic and Science from completely destroying the multi dimensional universe And they all have J names so freaking difficult to remember which one is the wolf girl cat girl and winged girlMy griping aside this book was fast paced and exciting We meet Acacia don't call me Casey Jones who may be a time traveler and possibly Joey's future girlfriend? Despite the intrigue of Acacia Joey who now wants to be Joe only there's already a Joesee what I meant about the names thing? ahem Joey is still a pretty bland character He is down in the dumps again He failed a mission again got one of their members killed again and now everyone in the Interworld Headuarters hates him again Only now there's a new guy in town J something I honestly can't remember any and J Something is absolutely everything that Joey isn't cool charismatic and enigmatic Joey absolutely hates him out of principle Aside Go Joey I love to hate perfect people too And maybe he's right This new kid isn't what he seems Suspicions are mounting and the end of the multi dimensional universe is fast approaching Much like the first book there is too much happening at once We fly from plot arc to plot arc I really wish we could've stopped and smelled the roses So many leaps in logic and science that I became breathless by the end of it not the good kind like what huff just huff happened?? prolonged wheezing The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A book with your favorite color in the titleAudiobook CommentsNot particularly memorable though I really liked how the addresses are said I know weird thing to pick up on When a Walker needs to return to home base he needs to think of the coordinates which are in terms of beeps boops and Zzzzzts Which provide an adorable little beepboop bit in the middle of the storyYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading I'm not ok with the false advertising of this book I put this on my Kindle wishlist because I own the first Interworld novel and had felt it was a reasonably good book and because I tend to enjoy Neil Gaiman's work On the listing is The Silver Dream by Neil Gaiman Michael Reaves and Mallory Reaves The cover art of this book has 3 different font sizes The largest font right up near the top perfectly centered in bright white says NEIL GAIMAN MICHAEL REAVES Beneath the giant white listing of Gaiman and Michael on the cover is the somewhat smaller title in a different colour All the rest of the text on the cover is very small Difficult to read when you're glancing at a thumbnail briefly So it wasn't until the book was bought for me as a gift that I discovered that this isn't a Gaiman book Gaiman and Michael Reaves created the world had the original idea a couple decades ago and collaborated to write the first Interworld novel though of course I don't know how that collaboration worked in practice So of course when the world is continued Gaiman needs to be credited But story by Gaiman and Michael Reaves and written by Michael and Mallory Reaves is not the same as New York Times bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves deliver a thrilling seuel This was all about capitalizing on name recognition and it was a successful gambit Good bad or mediocre Mallory Reaves deserves better treatment than a miniscule line of cover text and the book should be sold on its merits not on Gaiman's coattails As to reviewnow having completed the book I feel very hrmph about it There's a line that I acknowledge is difficult to walk in series novels where each book can stand on its own but still naturally leads into the next This one doesn't really do that It stops It doesn't resolve It leaves both Joey and the reader stranded which yes create desire to read the next book I get that It's just not my preference I re read the first book this morning to reacuaint myself with the universe and where the story left off so I can say that the action in this one was better the story moved better the book just went uickly and was interesting There were a few places where I was brought up short and reminded that this wasn't even really a YA novel it's advertised in the back as being for tweens oh how I hate that word but for the most part it didn't feel too terribly young A lot of the foreshadowing was actually big flashing neon signs so that it was obvious to a reader of my years what was coming eventually but it's still a perfectly good book I think however that when the next comes out I'll read it via the library not via a purchase So after reading Interworld and being such a huge Gaiman fan I was honor bound to read thisThis time I entered eyes wide openNeil Gaiman did not write this bookNeil Gaiman came up with the conceptMichael and Mallory Reaves wrote this bookOk now I won't scale my expectationsIt was still blahNot saying badIt was nowhere near bad but it was blahI felt like Reaves spent an awful lot of time reacuainting the reader with the worlds created the powers used the past trials and tribulations etcHEY I read the last book dude A little lead in would have been fine but you went on way too farAgain I like many of the concepts Walking Alternate universes based on choice all of the characters being different versions of the same essence but all from different worlds but I swear the characters got so muddled At one point I actually got dizzy literally swimming in a sea of names that start with the letter J I stopped trying to figure out who was doing what and kept plodding forth through the meatStill this is a YA novel so I understand who the target audience isMy almost 10 year old son just finished Interworld and he loved it though conceptually I think he will enjoy it a little when he is a bit olderThe addition of actual Time travel is nice as it adds an extra dimension to explore in this and future novels literally and figuratively The characters along with this nuance are uite interesting as well and I am intrigued to see what will come of them next installment and there will be manyI even felt satisfied with the ending but again the pace the choppiness the over explanationIt made this uick read troublesome than it needed to beI felt like it was about 47% rehash 10% new stuff 10% slap together 5% tritecliche 25% pandering to the new reader and 3% goldOne Star for each golden percentage point and that may be generousNamaste 25??While not terrible it's also not fantastic I also had some troubles keeping straight who everyone was because it's like a dozen characters with names that kinda sound the same It's also not at all written by Neil Gaiman so there's that The iPad ate my reviewThe short version Good Middle of trilogy but won't stand on its own read InterWorld first first first Neil Gaiman was joint creator of story but not a writer whatever that means and I think it shows I liked the heck out of it so probably rated it higher than it should get on technical merit alone Was this really written by Neil Gaiman? There are three names on the cover and there's been very little fuss about this so I'm going to guess the answer is no he may have had input but this wasn't a real Gaiman effort It definitely read as though the authors weren't really thinking this through as much as they could haveThis is a seuel to InterWorld and Joey is slowly maybe getting accepted by the others He and his team are on a mission that goes badly and somewhere along the way they pick up a friend Acacia Jones don't call her Casey Something's different about her she's not one of the J people yet for some reason the Old Man gives her clearance and asks Joey to show her around Then the InterWorld people hear about two Walkers and Joey's team is sent to rescue one who just happens to be on the world where their last mission failed Joauim is genial talented and Joey's jealous of him But something seems to be wrong and it keeps heading that way Casey is part of TimeWatch and how they interact with the InterWorld people what their role in the war between HEX and Binary is and exactly what TimeWatch is keeps us going for the rest of the bookSadly that's part of the problem It's one thing for a character to not understand what TimeWatch isdoes but when the explanation doesn't make sense to the reader it may be that it wasn't clear to the authors what they wanted it to be That happens in a few places in this book It's possible that people who are huge SF fans will be able to tease this all out keeping track of what's going on far easier than I was able to do; it may also be possible for someone to figure out why this Joey is the most important one given that everyone in InterWorld is generally the same person The other possibility is that all will be explained in the next book I just won't be reading itARC provided by publisher When an author's name is at the TOP of a book cover in HUGE block letters you sort of expect that author to have written the book Unfortunately this book was not written by Neil Gaiman but by his partner in the Interworld novel Michael Reeves and Michael's daughter This book falls victim to middle of a trilogy syndrome There is very little action in this book We spend a lot of time re hashing everything that happened in Book 1 and then segue immediately into setting up the conflict for Book 3 The book doesn't actually resolve ANYTHING view spoilerwe don't even get to Joey returning to Interworld with the tribute to a fallen team mate which he sets out to do like halfway through this book hide spoiler I agree that it's obvious Neil Gaiman did not write this book It lacks the depth he has even in his works for younger audiences However and it is a big however Michael and Mallory Reaves did a very good job of continuing the series Acacia is an intriguing new character and the book was action packed I especially liked the fact that they managed to give each para incarnation their own voice and characteristics This was no easy feat I'm really curious to see how they handled the third book of the series 385 stars Most of this book I enjoyed At first the plethora of characters who are almost Joey Harker drove me crazy but somehow magically Reaves managed to make each one an individual person I liked the story only partially saw the twists coming and loved the ending And while not his book there is a certain Gaiman esue feeling to the whole thing which is good as Gaiman tends to be careful about what he signs his namebrand to

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