Why We Belong

Why We Belong[PDF / Epub] ☆ Why We Belong By Anthony L. Chute – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Denominations The word itself often sparks strong reactions causing us to wonder if there are merits to our factions and if it's possible to come together as oneShowing how denominational affiliation Denominations The word itself often sparks strong reactions causing us to wonder if there are merits to our factions and if it's possible to come together as oneShowing how denominational affiliation can be natural without being negative and how evangelical identity can help rather than hinder Christian unity Why We Belong explains both the personal and doctrinal reasons each of the following contributors fit Why We Epub / not only in their church but also in the ChurchGerald L Bray Anglican Timothy F George Baptist Douglas A Sweeney Lutheran Timothy C Tennent Methodist Byron D Klaus Pentecostal Bryan Chapell Presbyterian Demonstrating that Christians have significant reasons for identifying with a denomination this book also helps us see and belong to something much larger than our own traditions the family of God. A very interesting and enlightening work on the value of Christian denominations The author begins with a biblical understanding of church unity The following section highlights leaders from various denominations on why they are members of that particular group It is interesting to note from reading these accounts how much unity actually exists between the various denomination The final section on the Rise of Denominations is worth the price of the book This was a great book on denominations I thought it covered the distinctions better than offering solutions for best practices to coexist though I’d recommend this to pastors or people try to determine what denomination they fit best into This was a well written well thought out book that for me completely missed the point that I was probably looking for The book goes to great lengths to allow 6 representative voices of 6 denominations Anglican Methodist Baptist Lutheran Pentecostal and Presbyterian to articulate why they belong the different denominations They write well but all of them tend to basically focus on the denomination high points Anglican and Lutheran on their historical underpinnings Pentecostal for their distinctive in worship and Presbyterian for their doctrine While this isn't bad per se I struggle to see why this shows at all Why We Belong Very sadly for me the last 3 pages of the book gets to the uestion of how now should we live and answers it humbly and well The problem is that then the book is over and I wonder overall what was the point of the book in the first place I see conversation of unity of the Body of Christ especially around the text of John 17 as a large challenge to be met by denominational Christianity in our current age It is a vital hurdle and yet I feel this book missed a good chance to contribute to it Maybe other voices in the community like Niebuhr would speak to the uestion that I am seeking to honestly wrestle with The essays presented in this volume reflect the diversity of the Protestant religions it starts with an explanation using Ephesians showing why unity among believers is important it is simply drawn with leaders in every denomination Even within the 6 main denominations you have than 20 disagreements on particular stances of belief Why I am an Evangelical and an Anglican is written by Gerald L Brayand a Baptist by Timothy F Georgeand a Lutheran by Douglas A Sweeneya Methodist by Timothy C Tennenta Pentecostal by Bryon D Klaus and a Presbyterian by Bryan Chapell Each section was 20 30 pages long and even though all the main themes were covered I could see how each of us has our own religious belief which might also not fit neatly into a groupIt will help you understand the importance of our common evangelical faithand our respective distinctives We are not through defining new divisions and categories in our own denominationsInteresting and written in a very readable manner simple but with lots of references to ponder Very confusing on the one hand but helpful and hopeful on the other JL Packer says “Taste and See”

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  • 27 March 2016
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