A Husband by Any Other Name

A Husband by Any Other Name❮Ebook❯ ➩ A Husband by Any Other Name ➪ Author Cheryl St. John – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk On the morning of his fourteenth wedding anniversary Dan Beckett's greatest fear came true His long lost brother was coming home home to claim his rightful place as first born son eldest twinand as Lo On the morning of his fourteenth wedding by Any Epub á anniversary Dan Beckett's greatest fear came true His long lost brother was coming home home to claim his rightful place as first born son eldest twinand as Lorrie's husband though A Husband PDF \ she didn't know itBecause for fourteen years ever since Tom left home and Louie came to tell him she was pregnant Dan has been impersonating his identical twin And when the truth comes out his children his future Husband by Any eBook ↠ his marriage all that he holds dear will be goneThe one saving grace is that Tom has amnesia But for how long. Pretty good all around Fun masuerade story This author is usually a pretty solid read and this was the case here I liked watching this long term marriage adjust to a new reality The plot was kind of crazy but it's romanceland so no real uibbles on that score Imagine being married for fourteen years Creating the perfect family life with a successful farm four children and a great marriage One phone call changes everything The perfect husband is no longer you’re legal husband In fact he’s not the man you married Fourteen years of lies unravel the perfect life you have builtDan Beckett made a monumental mistake fourteen years earlier when his identical twin brother Tom left home Tom was throwing away the life Dan wanted Tom was walking away from the apple farm their father was handing over on a silver platter He was walking away from the woman that loved him with his whole heart He was turning his back on everything Dan held dear When Lorraine assumes he’s Tom and tells him she’s pregnant he does the one thing he never dreamed he would do He steps into his brother shoes and claims the life he wanted Fourteen years of pure happiness is destroyed when a hospital in Tennessee contacts him about his brother Tom who has been in an accident His brother has amnesia and it’s up to Dan to fill in the blanks Dan has to turn over the life he worked so hard for in order to save his brother The truth is going to come out sooner or later Will the truth set Dan free or destroy his life?Tom left home because he felt smothered His father expected him to take over the farm he hated His girlfriend wanted from him than he was able to give He had different dreams and a wanderlust heart He never intended to return home He never thought returning home would be just what he needed in his lifeAs the story unfolds and the truth comes out it will set Dan Tom and Lorraine free Their lives will take a different path A path that leads to happiness for them allThis is the first book I have read by author Cheryl St John I thoroughly enjoyed it and have high praise for the delivery for the writing The delivery was emotional as well as truthful She took the characters on a journey that involved the real realities in life This book did not come off as a happily ever romance that was easily fixed The characters had to face all the realities a situation like this would createI highly recommend this book A Heartbreaking Story Filled with lies and deception Twins as different as night and day A Father that chooses one son over anotherTwin brothers Dan and Tom were alike in appearance but had totally opposite personalities They are raised on a farm an Apple Orchard Their father does something that NO parent should ever do He picks one son over the other Tom is his favorite the heir apparent While Dan works away covers for Tom and gets No appreciation from his dadTom hates the orchard He hates working on it and wants to leave it all behind Even Lorrie the girl who has fallen for him I have to say that I felt very sad about the whole situation Why couldn't their father let the boys make their own choices Why create such hard feelings and make one child feel insignificant Could he not have spread the love around including both boys? Make them both feel important? Why did he choose the son least likely to stay over one that would?Tom decides he had enough Enough of the Orchard enough of their small town and enough of Lorrie He leaves Dan holding the bag having to tell their parents What a Coward While Dan struggles with what he is going to say along comes Lorrie A girl that Dan has loved but could not have She belonged to Tom she loved Tom but he was gone She thinks he is Tom She tells him some dreaded news and a thought formulates in Dan's mind I think everyone can figure out what he's thinking I for one knew that it was a bad idea Eventually Tom would come back I mean how could he stay away foreverand never have any contact?Dan does the unthinkable Follows through and impersonates his brother Tom He marries Lorrie they settle in make the Orchard profitable and have children Like I said a house of cards usually falls I am saddened for Dan in a way because if it wasn't for his father this deception would not have happened One phone call and Dan's house of cards came tumbling down I was anxious for the children I was upset by Dan's deception that brought everything about I was very upset with Lorrie and her lie because she was just as guilty as Dan I was Furious with Tom and his cowardly actions Mainly I blame their Father because he made a young man feel the need to lie in the first placeIf you enjoy family sagas ones with drama then you will love this book A Husband By Any Other Name by Cheryl StJohn is a powerhouse of a stand alone romance angst ridden and just filled with moments of pure emotion I absolutely devoured this story as fast as my eyes could read the pagesA case of switched identities that started as a way to save the feelings of the people he loved but also was a way for him to finally get the girl he's been secretly in love with Dan beckett steps up when his twin brother Tom decides to leave town without a word to anyone but Dan He is about ready to tell his girlfriend Lorraine the truth when she shows up a few hours after Tom's departure but when she drops a bomb on him that she is pregnant he makes the decision to be Tom whom Lorraine has already just mistaken him forFast forward 14 years and the story delves deeper into the thoughts and emotions Dan has at keeping a secret like this for so long And then Another bomb is dropped Tom is backConfess and deal with the conseuences or pray that his brother's amnesia lasts?The emotion in this story between the real Dan and Lorraine between the real Dan and his children between Dan and Tom and Between the twins and their father It was so well written and well paced and with such a great happy ending that wasn't contrived as some happy endings can be it was just perfect The tenderness and all consuming passion she harbored for this man had not changed The emotions rose in her chest with a uick sting of tears behind her eyes4 emotional starsWow what a twisted and emotional journey this book takes you on I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got this book but it's actually pretty good and a lot better than I would have thought But it will leave you on the edge of your seat as you read This is the first book I've read by Cheryl's but I know it won't be the lastARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club This is hands down one of the most ridiculous books I've ever read Teenage Dan has taken the place of his twin brother so that Tom could leave town after getting Lorraine pregnant Dan has secretly loved Lorraine for a long time so he's glad to step in as Tom No one ever guessesnot even Lorraine or the twins' father who both believe that Dan has left town EIGHTEEN YEARS later Dan who is really Tom is found with amnesia And it goes downhill from there And now there are four kids who think their father is Tom when he's really Dan Good griefDid you ever make hobo stew? You just throw cans of stuff into a pot and eat whatever comes out This is the written version of hobo stew A little bit of practically every plot device known to romance readers stirred twice and served up in limp paper bowls What a revolting mess Lorraine and Tom or is it Dan? This story has a good premise and it could have been me but I got so confused Was it Tom or Dan? This is not your typical twin switchmistaken identity story It is an emotional filled very well written romance that you won’t be able to put down Perfect Loved it so much 💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 Such a sweet and entertaining story Loved it

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