my life is a situation comedy

my life is a situation comedy➷ my life is a situation comedy Free ➭ Author Bill Persky – Popular Books, my life is a situation comedy By Bill Persky There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book my life is a situation comedy By Bill Pe Popular books, my is a PDF/EPUB ¼ life is a situation comedy By Bill Persky There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book my life is a situation comedy By Bill Persky please download or read online here. Anyone hoping to read behind the scenes stories from Bill Persky's experience writing for sit coms like That Girl Dick Van Dyke Show and Kate and Allie will be disappointed However there is charm humour and age won wisdom to be found in this book of anecdotes from life I enjoyed getting to know this very talented gentleman This book is both terribly written and terribly disappointing For anyone who is a TV lover expecting great stories about The Dick Van Dyke Show That Girl and Kate Allie you won't find them here This book is not about his television shows which in some cases only get a page or two mention with less than one fourth of the book devoted to his TV career Instead it's mostly about his really dull life told in a way that makes no sense focusing on his inability to deal with women and his many therapy sessions Persky states upfront that he isn't going to tell his life story seuentially but instead one thing reminds me of another and that leads to yet another Namely the book has stories which are mostly a set of dull circumstances told out of order which often need explanations that aren't ever given At one point in the middle of a story about one of his early TV shows he alludes to his wife but at no point had he yet mentioned her introduced her told us about her or let us know who she is Instead 60 pages later he devotes a couple vague pages to their wedding day attempt to get a chocolate cake which he must find fascinating but on paper comes across as foolishnessHis ramblings are difficult to follow often don't make sense and rarely have any entertainment value or punchline Many chapters are only a page or two and it uickly becomes obvious that he doesn't recall anything interesting about any of the shows he is associated with He overpraises Carl Reiner and Mary Tyler Moore which is difficult to do because they're both great half praises Marlo Thomas who deserves to be put in her place for her bossiness and takes way too much credit for things like Goldie Hawn's career finding Farrah Fawcett who he told to not take a part he offered her and The Mary Tyler Moore Show which he actually had nothing to do withThis book is a form of elder therapy where he jots down random thoughts in a notebook that have emotional meaning to him but are just words to others It's an out and out bomb that needed a good editor to tell the author to get his act together write some interesting material about the shows readers care about and skip the internal dialogue about how a man who loves women so much could be such a failure with them on a personal level If the life described in this book really were a sitcom it would have been cancelled after one episode Not so much about the TV shows as about his life reflections as he juggled being in The Business through the social upheaval of the Find Yourself 60s 70's Three wives his Jewish Guilt upbringing and therapy are co stars About his therapy group We were all respected members of the show business community with 6 Emmys and 4 Academy Awards among us earning money than we had ever dreamed possible and it just wasn't enough I am embarrassed to write that sentence today than I was to feel it thenHumorous just not laugh out loud one can see he was a talented writer of sitcoms and that his personal experience must have informed those shows He writes about mid life dating Of the countless blessings and gifts God bestowed on Adam and Eve the most magnificent and loving was that they didn't have to dateThere was no small talk coyness game playing thoughts they might do better time needed to be sure space to find themselves or fear of commitment That chapter reads like a stand up comic's riff on male bewilderment on needing to navigate a Relationship when all the rules between men women suddenly changed Those who lived through the social changes from the 60's Dick Van Dyke show to the 80's Kate Allie can identify I had heard Bill Persky promote his autobiography on a comedy podcast His discussion was very lively and colorful and he name dropped some of the biggest stars on television I ordered the book through the library and began to read it that night but uickly got bored It's very short and it's somewhat bland I waited almost a week to finish it but it was a choreI wasn't looking for a salacious tell all of the stars but he promoted the book as many stories told by a successful TV writerproducer and his dealing with many household name stars There were a few mentions here and there but I learned a lot on the podcast than in this book He does detail his upbringing which was interesting but not in an engaging manner His short chapters about a joke or two fall flat Major league disappointment It wasn't bad or good just a book that left me indifferent which is the worst kind of book you can waste time with You learn a few things but the writing style is like that of a court reporter's I really liked this book a lot I was born in 1963 so I have a fuzzy memory of some of the tv shows Bill Persky wrote This book provided a great perspective of what it was like to try to write comedy during the early 60's when so many things were going on as far as societal changes and what was acceptable With the words that come out of actors' mouths on tv today it is just amazing to think that the writers couldn't use the word pregnant in their scripts Great stories from a great story teller