City of Ashes

City of Ashes☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ City of Ashes By Cassandra Clare ✓ – Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal But what's normal when you're a demon slaying Shadowhunter your mother is in a m Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE Clary Fray just wishes that her life would go back to normal But what's normal when you're a demon slaying Shadowhunter your mother is in a magically induced coma and you can suddenly see Downworlders like werewolves vampires and faeries If Clary left the world of the Shadowhunters behind it would mean time with her best friend Simon who's becoming than a friend But the Shadowhunting world isn't ready to let her go — especially her handsome infuriating newfound brother Jace And Clary's City of Epub / only chance to help her mother is to track down rogue Shadowhunter Valentine who is probably insane certainly evil — and also her fatherTo complicate matters someone in New York City is murdering Downworlder children Is Valentine behind the killings — and if he is what is he trying to do When the second of the Mortal Instruments the Soul Sword is stolen the terrifying Inuisitor arrives to investigate and zooms right in on Jace How can Clary stop Valentine if Jace is willing to betray everything he believes in to help their fatherIn this breathtaking seuel to City of Bones Cassandra Clare lures her readers back into the dark grip of New York City's Downworld where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation. This book cost me around 600 dollars When I'm traveling to and from conventions I use the airplane time to catch up on my reading A lot of times this means I'm taking the opportunity to read books that have been popular for a while but that I haven't gotten around to I feel like I should be aware of the landscape Anyway on my way home from Seattle I had a layover in Minneapolis I grabbed this book so I'd have something to read while I was eating dinner in the airport So I ate dinner and I read the book and I lost track of time and I missed my plane I ended up having to rent a car and drive the three and a half hours back to Stevens Point You win this round Cassandra Clare I guess 9th times the charms because I loved this book way than I ever had I think in my adolescence I spent a lot of my time comparing City of Ashes to other books in the series This reread I viewed this story as an individual entity which allowed me to better appreciate the complexities and conflicts that arise in this seuel I had such a fabulous time rereading book two and cannot wait to continue rereading the rest of the series All right so when we last left our creepy incestuous couple Draco had just found out his dad was Voldemort not Lucius Malfoy Clarmione also found out that Draco was her brother so that hot makeout session they'd had partway through the first book was now kind of icky and further physical involvement strictly verbotenSo Voldemort is still alive Oh noes Enter the Clave and the Inuisitor Dolores Umbridge Umbridge has been sent to see if Draco is telling the truth that he had no idea Voldemort was his dad this whole time we were led to think Voldemort was dead because he blew up his house and left body parts that actually belonged to the real Malfoys in a move reminiscent of Peter Pettigrew blowing up a ton of Muggles and his pinkie finger in order to frame Sirius Black Ronrry is still in love with Clarmione and they start dating especially now that Clarmione is trying to suash down her incestuous feelings for her brother Her mom is still in a comaVoldemort meanwhile has the Mortal Cup which like makes Inferi So there's this sword see that knows when you're telling the truth Kind of like Veritaserum blade It's held in the Silent City Umbridge takes Draco down there and locks him up in the Silent City's Azkaban But while he's there overnight Voldemort shows up kills the blind mute monks and steals the swordMeanwhile Clarmione and the Scoobies hurry down to the City of Bones to rescue Draco and she uses some crazy Alohamora charm to open the doors and manacles but it like totally blows the motherfucking place apart This may be important laterIt turns out the sword Voldemort has stolen is also a Mortal Instrument It is the same sword the angel had in the Garden of Eden when you know stuff happened after Adam and Eve sinned or something So it's a tool of heaven but there's this thing see where if you dip the sword in the blood of child versions of each of the four cool kinds of Downworlders faerie vampire werewolf warlock you can like convert the blade into a Crazy Tool of Sin that makes all demons bend to your will and also calls them into your dimension Or something Obviously Voldemort wants this very muchVoldemort already has the warlock blood from this stupid little shit from the prologue who summons a Boggart for him and then dies of fear Turns out the stupid little shit warlock's biggest fear was that his pentagram would not hold back the power of a Boggart Winning Then he kills a faerie child in Central Park or some shit and now the Seelie Court is Displeased You don't fuck with faeries man You just don'tDraco is still in big trouble with UmbridgeHoping for help Draco Clarmione Ronrry and I don't know Xander and Willow? Anyway they all go to the Seelie Court to talk to the Faerie ueen She's convinced it's the vampires I mean OBVIOUSLY since vampires drain things of blood and stuff She says that Draco and Clarmione have certain gifts that Voldemort gave them in creepy science experiments or such Also it is important to note that faeries are tricksy They are tricksy and not to be trusted The faeries lay out a faerie picnic for Draco Clarmione Ronrry and the Scoobies Draco tells them not to eat anything but Clarmione has dipped her finger into the goblet and crushed a flower petal then a pixie thing bites her finger and she sucks on her finger also drinking a bit of the juice And once you've eaten faerie food you have to stay in the faerie kingdomDraco's like This is effing ridiculous so the Faerie ueen agrees to let Clarmione go if she kisses the person she desires most in the world And hint it's not Ronrry Pottsley So there's a full on VC Andrews disturbing brother sister make out session that wow it goes on for uite some time And everyone's watching The Faerie ueen is obviously a VC Andrews fan because she lets Clarmione go but Ronrry won't look at her and he runs off as soon as they're back in ManhattanUm so then Ronrry gets turned into a vampire I'm seriousSnapin and one of the wolves from his pack Leah get attacked by the slug things from Doublemeat Palace He shows up in Bella's truck Leah's badly injured She also freaks out when she runs into Ronrry the Vampire even though they were sort of friendly earlier Snapin says he's going to the truck to repark it but he disappears and Clarmione and Draco go in search of him fighting off slug things Snapin is also crazy injured so Gay Xander calls his fab Grand Warlock secret boyfriend to come heal everyone upDraco sneaks off having found out from Doublemeat Palace Slug where Voldemort is hiding He rides Sirius Black's vampire owned flying motorcycle to the Black Pearl ship in the middle of the East River He is faced with a Boggart and he sees Clary dead Voldemort calls off the Boggart and then he's all If you join me Skywalker I will make sure none of your friends get hurt Draco holds the sword for a moment and sees all the demons about to break through into our dimensionThe Scoobies are trying to figure out what Clarmionie's gift is and she can like write Runes that no one even KNOWS kind of the way Lyra can read the Althiometer They challenge her to create a Rune to take away fear and she TOTALLY DOES They put it on Gay Xander's body and then when Gay Xander's parents show up he has SO LITTLE FEAR that he just about outs himself from the Big Gay Shadowhunter Closet until Draco stops himUmm what else? Umbridge catches up to them again because she'd put a tracer on the shard of the two way mirror thing that Sirius gave Harry and he'd see Dumbledore's eye in remember that? Anyway so she knows exactly where Draco's been and locks him up until further notice in a room at Hogwarts Manhattan campus putting him in this magical cage made of angel blades and electric fencing She says her plan is to trade Draco to Voldemort for the Mortal Instruments Of course Voldemort would choose his own son over a cup and a sword right? Umbridge seems upset about SOMETHING LIKE MAYBE HER SON WAS KILLED SOMEHOW BY VOLDEMORT but no one can figure it out even though it's pretty obvious if you have than one working brain cellThe cage however doesn't have a lid because Umbridge isn't that smart so Draco with Gay Xander's help leaps out of the top like a cat or perhaps Superman Meanwhile Leah has leapt out the window to go apologize to Ronrry But then she runs into the ghost of her dead sociopathic abusive twin brother and really it's the Boggart and Voldemort catches her Ronrry is on the phone with Clarmione when he says that someone is breaking into his house It's Voldemort Somehow Draco puts together that Voldemort needs child vampire and child werewolf blood still and that that's why he wanted Ronrry the Vampire and Leah The Vampire fell in love with the Werewolf I mean the vampire and the werewolf wake up on the Black Pearl in the East RiverGay Xander and Willow eavesdrop outside the room where Voldemort has hologram conference called in with Umbridge where he rejects her offer and she's all What the what? Gay Xander and Willow bust in and tell them everything that's going on and Umbridge goes slightly catatonic but calls the rest of the Clave and the adult Order of the Phoenix people who are around at the momentRonrry and Leah are chained up on the Black Pearl Voldemort comes in and slashes Ronrry the Vampire's throatDraco and Clarmione and Snapin climb into Bella's truck and they race off to the Black PearlBig Gay Warlock has put a charm onto Bella's truck and changed it to the Weasley's Ford Anglia which now is like a duck boat and can drive right over the water Draco asks Clarmione to put the fearless rune on his skin which she doesBig battle demons whatever it goes on forever and I really don't care Umbridge dies saving Draco Clarmione finds Leah who tells her that Ronrry is dead She frees Leah and runs to find VoldemortDraco finds Ronrry's body but he's not dead yet Draco lets him feed off of him like that one time in Season 3 of Buffy when Angel gets hit with that arrow dipped in poison that is deadly to vampires unless they drink the blood of a Slayer and Buffy punches Angel in the face until he drinks from her It's kind of like that So Ronrry is just fine Draco then kills the Boggart because he is FEARLESS see? He's fearlessClarmione tries to face off with Voldemort and everyone ends up in a room together Clarmione Voldemort Draco Ronrry Leah Wait is Leah there? I don't remember and I just finished the book like half an hour ago Anyway it looks like they're all going to die horribly and Voldemort is going to win but then Clarmione draws this Rune on the floor that makes the entire Black Pearl disintegrate and explode simultaneouslyThey do that Harry Potter thing where everyone is unconscious after the big battle thing and when they wake up they get the explanations and the denouement Everyone thought Clarmione was dead and Draco saved Ronrry by putting him on a floating metal hunk in the river much like Leo di Caprio put Kate Winslet on the door so she doesn't freeze in the Atlantic after the Titanic sinks The sun is rising and Ronrry will die and explode because sunlight non sparkly vampires it burns syndrome But it turns out he's just fine because he was mostly filled with Draco blood He's still a vampire but he won't be killed by the sunRonrry breaks up with Clarmione because he thinks he'd be better off with another Downworlder like hanging out with Leah Because they are a crazy vampirewerewolf couple who can totally MAKE IT WORKClarmione is going to tell Draco that fuck it she doesn't care if it's incest but then Draco's all I'll just love you as a brother because that's what you want right? And she agreesThen there's a lady waiting outside the hospital where her mom's still in a coma It turns out that her mom put the coma on herself so Voldemort wouldn't get the answers he wanted out of her The lady was apparently the Secret Keeper in this scenario so she tells Clarmione that she can wake her mom from the coma THE END THE END THE ENDAnd that's what happens in this wholly original book John no longer uses this account I have no patience for this bullshit any longer There are many ways to state an opinion that is in disagreement with this review and so far many of you have FAILED to do so I will no longer tolerate disparaging comments Rethink them if you don't want me to delete them ThanksJohn's SisterPS John is not male She changed her gender status so she would not receive misogynistic comments or gendered insults JFYII will tell the complete and honest truth And I will tell it right nowIIII don'ttakes deep breathIdon'tlikethisstoryIt's true okay it's trueLet me explainI've never liked Cassandra Clare In fact I hate her writing So it surprised me in this story that I could even deal with her prose Deal with it mind you It surprised me even that I could read through it somewhat smoothly So my problem isn't with her proseIt's Alec and MagnusYes you read rightRead it again My problem Is with Alec And Magnus sighOkay before you dub me as a homophobe and move on allow me to explainAlec and Magnus apart I like them Magnus has a certain charm which to a point you have to respect Alec isn't a bad guy and when he isn't bitching at Magnus or Clary you can't really have a problem with him either Although he does angst uite a bit so does everyone in this series so you can get over thatSo you may ask what is my problem? I claim to like the characters enough so why can't I like them together?Ah let me give you one word my dears execution Clare doesn't know how to execute much of anything correctly especially her ideas that seem to be original She'd rather write her less original ideas Ginny Bella Clary and Draco in Leather Pants Edward Angstyer Harry Jace to perfection than the actual ideas that might be worth something if she triedMy first problem?Magnus's body language creeped me outNow one of my friends pointed out that a 100 year old warlock is BOUND to be creepy This is my point In this story I keep getting creepy perv vibes off of him Now I know the typical response Magnus is really seventeen He hasn't mentally or physically aged a day This is nice but it's just impossible After you've lived for that long it's justpreposterous that you would be able to just ignore everything you had to go through He's the high Warlock of Brooklyn if I'm not mistaken and he had to learn SOMETHING to get in that positionIt's just the little things that he does that steer me away from him Probably it was the thing of wearing the jeans so low on his hips Alec had to look away That sort of kept me looking like thisYeah like thatI'm not that much of a prude but come on That just weirded me outMoving onThen we have Alec Oh Alec Insecure emo closeted gay Okay this is cute but what else? What makes Magnus attracted to him? What makes him attracted to Magnus? In this story we're shown their relationship BasicallyAlec is gayAlec likes MagnusMagnus likes AlecAlec doesn't want anyone to know he is gayThus he doesn't want anyone to know he likes MagnusMagnus is exasperated at thisThat is the basis of their relationship Thankfully we fix this later and get rid of the last three So we haveAlec is gayAlec likes MagnusMagnus likes AlecAnd that is it Not that I find anything wrong with this butcome on And later we have to create fake conflict for them because we're running out of actual conflict and apparently even Clare is getting bored of writing the same thing over and over againOkay This is cuteSo besides Magnus's slightly creepyness and Alec'sgenerallynessthere isn't much there I don't see why I should like them I mean they aren't annoying together or anything but there just isn'tThere just isn'tAnyIjustcan'tseeanychemistryThere I said it Okay I said itBasically after a while I was just looking at the screen like CuuuteBasically what I'm saying?Alec OkayMagnus Okay kind of a creeper but okayAlec Magnus xx image error 3255 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺I honestly have no idea what’s wrong either with this series or with me or with the both of us butwe don’t really have chemistry Why? Dunno I don’t really feel all the everything that’s going on thereThe thing is I feel like nothing really happens in there and this second book has almost the same pattern as City of Bones the bad guy wants something he raises a whole army to get it he gets it the good guys get involved and fight the bad guy the bad guy escapes and takes the priceless somethings with him aaaand at the very end of the book there is something ploty twisty to make you go shit now I want to read and see what’s happeningI really felt the emotion of meh while reading this because you see “meh” is an actual emotionThe world is still uite cool I mean it doesn’t resemble anything I’ve managed to read before I give it points for the strange uniueness but it is definitely something there that seems a bit hard to touch I have moments in life when I am a doubting Thomas so I need to be able to feel a thing in order to believe in its existence The world here feels at times too vaporous to properly touchAnother good thing about this book was how funny it was I mean I had moments when I started laughing out loud because the lines were so witty and I loved that especially Jace’s lines because he is so damn sassy all the time and some of Simon’s who always has the classic nerdy comebacksBesides all that good I really must say that for now the baddest of the bad is the romance in this series It is kind of lame and it kind of annoys me I am really rooting for Alec and Magnus to save everything thoughThe rest of the romance in theregirl stahpI do think there is going to be some upgrading there because I seriously doubt Cassie Clare would leave things this awkward I feel a twist coming don’t know when but I’m sure as hell it’s there The romance is going to alter its cringe I can feel it Please note that I haven’t seen the TV adaptations nor do I read spoilers about what’s going to happen so stay with me hereAlso a last cool thing about this book is the Seelie Court of the Faeries world building That was for sure where Holly Black got her own skeleton world from for the Faerieland in The Folk of the Air trilogy which I loved so much and what’s happening here is amazingI don’t know I find it so great when authors help authors grow like hey sis would you mind helping me with this shit you’re pretty good at it – oh yeah sure girl let’s do this together I’ll show youSo this book felt kind of meh overall but it had some pretty great details that I enjoyed and this is why it wasn’t a complete waste of my timeBook styled 2019 455 stars It was a fun read My opinion hasn’t changed since the last time I read the book Simon I love you 3In addition I must point out that I am really not a fan of Clace They annoy me especially in this book Too bad most of the book was around them I couldn't enjoy Isabelle Alec or Magnus because they aren't so much in this book I actually really miss them I hope Clary's character grows up already as there were uite a few passages where I wanted to fucking slap herUgh and I need Malec2016 55 stars This book was much better than the first And I love Simon 45 STARS ❤️I keep sitting down to write a full read long review of this book because I enjoyed it so much but I struggle so hard on writing my thoughts for seuels in a long running series I know I'm not supposed to include spoilers in them even though this book is older than both of my children's ages combined so it's tough to talk about a book to readers involved in The Mortal Instruments Either you've already read the book and likely are not looking for any additional insights into the story or you haven't read it yet and don't want to know any specifics for a book that is farther down the line than where you're at Whatever the case I'll just leave it at this I loved City Of Ashes and am grateful for it's slump snatching abilities to pull me out of the dark reading hole I was in I know I'm older than the target audience here but I applaud Cassie Clare for her inclusion of diversity at a time that it really wasn't politically correct to do so in YA lit Wish me luck; I'm trying to catch up on all of these books by the time ueen of Air and Darkness releases Picking up where 'City of Bones' left off 'City of Ashes' doesn't waste any time before plunging you right back into this supernatural world This book was packed with action and adventure With ever changing information and plenty of teenage angst this cast of characters tries to stay one step ahead of Valentine making for a highly entertaining readStill reeling from the news that they're siblings Jace and Clary struggle with their feelings toward one another Awkward doesn't begin to describe the dynamic between these two after that cat was let out of the bag Maybe it's just my wishful thinking but I'm betting that somewhere down the road we'll find out that they aren't really siblings after all I just refuse to believe that they won't end up togetherWhile the blooming romance between Jace and Clary came to an abrupt and uncomfortable halt Simon steps out of the shadows With Jace out of his way Simon decides to pursue his feelings for Clary He's always wanted to be than just her friend and now is his chanceSoon Simon finds himself experiencing a major and unexpected life change Nothing will ever be the same for him He is forever changed as is his relationship with Clary and everyone he's ever held dearLike Simon Clary and Jace begin to discover changes within themselves Valentine made it clear that they were different but didn't give any details Little by little they begin to figure out some of their uniue abilities Although it is early on in this series it is evident that they are powerful and their full strength is as of yet unknownOverall I thought this was a great continuation of this series I am enjoying these characters and as the story evolves I don't know what is in store for them but am certain that we've not seen the last of Valentine yet I'm on to the next audiobook now I didn't go online hardly talked didn't eat ok so I did eat didn't watch TV just so I could finish this book So basically I spent the whole day reading and I'm just bursting at the seams to read the next oneThe tension in the book is so great that you feel like the characters are literally going to break from the strain Clary's mother is still in a coma and her relationships with Simon and Jace are fragile At one point you just feel so down for everyone Clary seemed to be getting in the way sometimes Like she is a liability rather than an asset No worries in the end we get to see some real gumption from her It's ever changing who is my favorite I'll be thinking Isabelle is my favorite waitno Max he's really cute butLuke is greatthen again Simon is just so painfully loyal so I still don't have a clear favorite I think it's because each and everyone of the characters have their own great scenes so it's close to impossible to choose We see the same uick action seuences same hilarious sarcastic remarks and the same heart Granted it can get over dramatic but that's why we are all reading it I just think it's precious how with all their shadowhunter abilities they still have to rely on mundane technology like cell phones I must say they find themselves in some pretty sticky situations; the people and the cell phones Jace is growing on me and Valentine is definitely getting evil One thing that kind of bothered me was that Valentine doesn't seem too clever He hasn't done anything like WOW I didn't see that coming He is suppose to be overthrowing the whole Clave so he's got to be ultra smart right? Another little irk I had was when Simon was gone for the whole night or a good chunk of the day from his house we never see the explanation he gives his mom In the real world he would have to deal with that but as the reader I get the impression that his mom doesn't care I doubt that's the case though Oh and does everything have to taste smell and look like metal? Just sayingWe are getting some serious hints that Jace's lineage is not what we think it is and I'm glad to see Simon trying to be the bigger person however hard that may be I definitely thought the second one was better than the first New characters knowledge and closer to seeing how this is all going to turn out Bring it on because I'm ready for Well that was awkward SPOILERGRAMBut before we head down the path of outrageous incest I will say that City of Ashes was better than City of Bones The pace was an improvement on that of the latter Simon was still awesome as ever I also felt that Ms Clare branched out a wee bit with her creativity with the Vampire transformation stuff except that I knew it was coming thanks to a certain Filipino minx who spilt the beans in a comment You know who you areAs for the abomination that is the ClaryJace lustfest Well it’s a good thing I have a good gag refleximage error

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