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Superheroes Wear Faded Denim Download Superheroes Wear Faded Denim Author Law Reigns Blissany Cherry Is Tired Of Sleeping Around Her Neurologists Sleep Solutions Have Failed Her Now That Her Bizarre Sleeping Habits Have Begun To Include Week Long Dreams She Has Resorted To Her Own Methods For A Cure METHOD ONE CONTROL DREAMS All Attempts To Morph Dreams About A Gorgeous Warrior Into Romantic Fantasies Are Thwarted He Keeps On Insisting She Is Destined To Marry A Great King And Lead Their Armies Into War At The End Of Every Dream He Asks Her Will You Fight The War And Save Mankind She Laughs In His Face METHOD TWO RESIST Blissany Has Plans For Her Life None Include Fighting An Intergalactic War When Her Dreams Begin Spilling Over Into Reality, She Is Forced To Make A Decision That Will Forever Redefine Her Life Standing Between Destiny And Desire, She Is Left With Only One Option METHOD THREE SURVIVE. DNF at 35%Have you ever woken from a really weird dream and thought to yourself, I really should have avoided that last slice of pizza That is this book in a nutshell One long, bizarre dream where nothing really fits together and everything leaves you feeling confused and like you missed an important detail somewhere From a writing perspective, sentences fit together awkwardly and paragraphs feel like they ought to belong in separate books or at least separate pages Bizarrely specific details bury semi important facts and characters casually mention fantastic attributes like the ability to see auras and promptly never reference them again The characters themselves come with bizarre descriptions the heroine has a cherubic face, bushy eyebrows, African American hair naturally the color of strawberries, pink lips, and honey colored skin The plot comes across equally bizarre and mismatched Sleep walking, spiritual warfare, 18 year old billionaires, vampires, shoe shopping, and girls dumping oatmeal on one anther while fighting over a boy illustrate only a few of the things going on It all loosely follows the heroine and hero but never makes much actual sense Besides being some bizarre
I d say this is like 3.5 stars, for the record.I was sent a copy of this book by Law Reigns in exchange for a review And I gotta be honest here, I was terrified of it I left it sitting in my Kindle library for weeks, afraid to start Then I started reading, only to keep stopping OMG, what if I hate it What do I say MY BAD REVIEWS ARE SO MEAN Do I pretty it up Do I take the honesty route What do I dooooo Finally I decided to put on my big girl panties and just do the damn thing If I hated it Well, I d cross that bridge when I came to it If nothing else, I could gush about the title, right Because, let s face it, that s a freaking fun title And the cover is a little magical Those are some nice jeans I wonder if I could borrow those jeans The beginning was hard to get into We get to know both Blissany and Don, and there s a lot of world building and backstory that has to be established while still moving forward Reigns manages this, but only just At times, it feels like a massive info dump and if there s anything I hate than Insta Luv, it s info dumps So I struggled to stay involved, trying to get everyone straight Okay Here s Don Childhood was kinda a mess He s Asian Here s Wanikiya He s the redeemer And maybe a sorta preacher And a prodigy And maybe at least part Native American Ah, and there s Demi, who s
Review first posted on my blog Book Addict 24 7I received a copy from the author for reviewI m very conflicted after reading Superheroes Wear Faded Denim by Law Reigns Though it grabbed my attention, it wasn t in my usual way I gave the novel two out of five stars because the story was original, but I wavered between a one and a two because the writing was too archaic and lacked editing, while the characters, mainly the protagonist, Blissany Cherry, were so weak and annoying, that I almost put the book down out of frustration.This book dripped with the sexual tension Blissany carried with her while on her adventures Unnecessary metaphors including sexual innuendo appeared here and there, while religion also made a very frequent visit to the storyline Blissany was very weak She was naive and stubborn to the point of stupidity Seriously, if everyone is telling you the same thing, why are you still not believing them Sure, the storyline picks up after a while, but Blissany s character still drove me insane.I m sorry guys, I really wish I could have enjoyed this one , I really do The story has so much potential and while others may enjoy this ten times than me, I couldn t get into the writing An example of something that really had me on edge is the word upon Reigns loved that word in her novel Here are two examples when a character placed something on a table, it wasn t on a table , it was upon a table When it rained, it wasn t Rain fell on leaves , it was R
I received this book from the author for an honest review I had high hopes for this book, and decided to take a chance on it, but it just wasn t for me.Blissany is the main girl and she has been having dreams with an angel named Gabriel that keeps trying to get her to commit to fighting a war Blissany of course doesn t believe it and just wants Gabriel to have dream sex because she is sure it is all strange dreams with a hottie And then there is Dom He is the other one that they need to fight this war He seems a little cooperative but still isn t sure what he has gotten himself into.This book was really strange to me and I had a hard time getting past it Especially since Gabriel has Blissany doing all her fighting in a sleepwalking state, since he couldn t get her to agree to fight the war Blissany thinks she is dreaming still, except that she wakes up with dirty feet The whole s
READ THE REVIEW ON MY BLOG Wear Faded Denim is a Paranormal YA novel written by Law Reigns About a month ago the author contacted me for asking me to review her novel and I was so glad to accept her request The plot caught me from the first moment I read it and the excerpt she sent me for her guest post just made me curious about her work.Blissany has always thought she was just an ordinary girl and she has always lived in the shadow of her man eater friend Demi She would have never imagined she would be the Key, Nivide s own creation, the only one who could donate to mankind the possibility to survive to the evil Apollyon Infact the Earth is seriously threatened by the Low Court, one of the three Realms, where all the evil creatures live The High Court, populated by the custodiae, angel beings, has the responsability to assure the survival of men For this reason the Four Highest are taming Blissany s dreams, because she needs to believe in magic or the Earth will pay the consequences During this hard journey she will discover she s not on her own Nivide has created another superhero, Don, the Paladin, who will fight on her side against Apollyon Will Blissany ever accept her destiny Will Blissany and Don succeed in defeating Apollyon And what about Wanikiya The sexy Redemeer who has always been in love with her best friend, Blissany will she accept his marriage proposal As always, read to know God, I love ending the summary of
Short review The books is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and unique The characters have many flaws that make you slap and slow grind them at the same time The book desperately needs an editor and someone to reformat it, but my eyes still made love to this book fast and slow.Long review I want to disagree with another reviewer because I m violent and enjoy conflict I didn t find the characters weak They had big character flaws like Texas BIG , but it was a great representation of our narcissistic society What I liked about the main girl, Blissany, was that she wasn t controlled or manipulated by men She was an aggressor RAWR She wanted spark in her life and went all out to get it, which blew up in her face Did the characters complaining get annoying Hecks yes I have to admit that, but it was good.I loved this book because the story wasn t standard I haven t read anything like it.The beginning was _ for me to get through This entire novel needs an editor to chop off 20% of the length and repetitious nature And there are many scenes that seem unnecessary, like the old guy that paints Maybe he ll be in another book There isn t enough description in the first few chapters so I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off Who is this hunky guy Who s this guy with honey eyes What doe
This was a very exciting and action filled story.The action pretty much starts a couple of pages in and doesn t let up.What Reigns has written is an intriguing and original take on the Angel myth, mixed in with the reality of life, and the adventures of college.Blissany unbeknown to her is The Key, she and Don another college student who is the Paladin are to be the saviours of mankind from a war amongst the Angels, and the High and Low courts.Blissany s friend Wankiya is the Redeemer the King of the Low courts, he has been in love with Blissany for quite a while now, but she is interested in Don and so is her best friend Demi.We also have the Angels, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Raphael involved.I liked the POVs of the different characters you could understand why they are the way they are and also their state of mind.This at times was such a dark read but it had it s light moments as well which balanced it out.If you like to read storie
I really liked the book Really However, the reason why it took me 1 2ish months to finish reading this book rather than 1 2 days was because the starting didn t catch my interest I found myself getting bored, even when the action started immediately I thought there was a hook, but there WASN T a hook I don t know how to describe it But ButI re read it after my examinations, and I was completely sucked into the plot I just had to pass that boring stage, and WHAM Completely, utterly hooked I even complained to my mum how empty I felt after I realized I had finished the book The characters, the description, the creatures, the idea, EVERYTHING in it besides the starting, but that s just my opinion made me love this book I just can t even describe it However, one star lost for losing me
What an amazing, amazing read I loved Superheroes Wear Faded Denim by Law Reigns Everything unfolded before my eyes like a vivid movie And the characters They were all so well rounded and unique Each one was a star in my eyes, even the minor ones The plot was so intense and not at all clich The author, Law Reigns, describes her book as a dark and gritty YA romance Though this book has some dark and gritty moments, it is so much than a romance It is a comedy, a story of redemption,sacrifice, and friendship What I think I loved most about this novel is how every little subplot was tied up Things I never even expected the author to deal with were dealt with I could tell the writer spent a lot of time smoothing out the roughness in her drafts What an enjoyable read I
This book is very surrealistic It requires an ability to put aside the normal view of the world and accept the world of the book to fully grasp the concepts and ideas of the book It would drive my husband crazy, but I enjoyed it for the most part At times I was lost and confused, but those were rare.The plot was so intense, dark, and gritty with hints of humor, romance and a fabulous subplot to boot The characters were unique yet very believable and realistic The characters evolve from normal to superhero and try to do the right thing It was interesting to watch the dynamics unfold.While not my usual fare, this book was definitely worth reading I enjoyed the author taking on issues not generally dealt with in literature I

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