The Specialists

The SpecialistsThe Specialists Are Five Ex Soldiers, All Trained In Jungle Warfare, Each With A Deadly Specialty As Civilians They Lead Inconspicuous Lives Until The Colonel Sends For Them Then Their Job Is To Find And Eliminate The Worst Kind Of Criminal Those Who Hurt The Innocent Those The Law Cannot Touch I gave this two stars, not because it was bad, but because it was not one of Lawrence Block s best and I know he can do better.This story of counter crime criminals sort of like the A Team is actually too dang short It s not often I say that Usually I m all for trimming some of the fat However, Specialists is an ensemble piece that needs time to develop or at least relate a bit of each character s backstory At 160 pages, it s just not enough time I felt like Block was still rounding everybody out two thirds of the way through The action drags than it should for so few pages I mean, you ve got gamblers and hookers and mob type guys all doing their thing, while paramilitary operatives set up bank heists Hell, there s even a love story And yet somehow the action actually had time to lag Even at two stars, I didn t hate this I was just disappointed Block has done much better work than this and I will continue to read his books. Not one of Block s better efforts, but even his not so good novels are entertaining at times From the description I thought it would be better than it was It read like a lost script of the A Team Maybe that s where they got the idea for the show. I always enjoy the writing of Lawrence Block, and this was no exception.Originally written in 1969 and now available as an ebook, this delightful book was a fun read and a good story.Set in the late 60 s it has the feel of an older internet go to the library for resources no cell phones, Veterans trying to to make things right when bad guys make things go wrong.interesting characters, with a good back story, some fun, some great story points the pretend tree surgeons, setting up a reference in a cute way with a sweet woman..This is lite reading,easy going and uncomplicated Enjoy.At the end is an afterwards about the story and how this as going to be a series and then became a series of one book Too bad, would have enjoyed .Bonus feature photos of L Block at the end.nice touch Fast paced thriller following team of former soldiers fighting crime in only way that can affect the crime by robbing banks associated with the organized crime and used for money laundering.After lady friend of one of the soldiers is maltreated by a shady crime boss group decides to bring his crime fiefdom down.This is a novel written in time when original Mission impossible, A Team and Equalizer shows were very popular That being said in here we also have a team in which every man is a specialist for certain area be it technical or social Also some of them are not that OK themselves some are troublemakers but Army helped them find their place so to speak They might all come from various backgrounds but in the Army and in hell that is Vietnam war they learned to look beyond the social status and race and rely on each other through tough times.Considering the length of the novel and number of the characters they might all seem one dimensional and cliche but keep in mind when novel was written Today we have seen volumes of books, TV shows and movies with the same plots but that was not the case in the day.All of the above at least for me does not deduct anything from the story or novel itself I truly enjoyed it as a kick ass action story.Good thriller, recommended. The characters are initially well handled and then given short shrift at the end Scantily drawn This is especially bad at the end when structures become important.series tales, but the plotting stinks Seems to me Block had a much larger vision, maybe even starting his own series, and as he got near the end, he sliced his efforts to minimum, finished off the book and went on the to the next After a build up of a collection of new characters and their various abilities, they are collected to complete a mission that is then written off quickly to the point I wasn t really sure if they actually met whatever goal they were trying to make.The story is an odd case of vengeance involving important a treatment of a woman that ends up an effort to destroy the person involved but really ends with something different I found the ending very unsatisfying.The characters are initially well handled and then given short shrift at the end Scantily drawn This is especially bad at the end when structures become important.Bottom line i don t recommend this book 4 out of 10 points. 8 10160 pagesBook 38 of 2017 Though dated, it is still a good story. My, my, how times and attitudes have changed from the 60s I prefer Keller. Audible libraryEx army get together to clear criminal and make money from the actions It started when the senior officer return in a wheel The colonel was right You had to draw a line through mankind, a wavy line but a line, and on one side you had Good and on the other side you had Evil There was good and bad in everyone, sure, and every shitheel was some mother s son, and it was all well and good to know this, but when push came to shove, it was just words there was Good and Evil with no shades of gray and Judgment Day came seven time a week Meet the Specialists, five good men, Manso and Murdock and Simmons and Giordano and Dehn They scattered when they took off their green berets and returned to civilian life, but now and then their colonel picks up the phone and gets in touch and they get together to do as they did in Vietnam.Colonel Roger Elliott Cross left a leg in Vietnam His men came home physically intact, but each bears scars nonetheless But when they come together, teamed up to right wrongs, they are a powerful force for good.And,by doing good, they also manage to do well Because when five specialists take on a Mafia owned bank, why shouldn t they turn profit on the deal If you saw The A Team on television, this may seem familiar to you When Lawrence Block saw the A Team, it seems uncannily familiar to him, and he had the feeling the show s producers had read his 1968 novel But he decided, wisely or not, that life is too short for litigation Now, years later, the TV show has vanished and the book lives on Isn t that as it should be This Classic Crime Library ebook of The Specialists includes as a bonus the first chapter of the next book in the series, The Triumph of Evil. an early Block crime classic enjoyed it although slightly dated

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