The Starfleet Survival Guide

The Starfleet Survival Guide Download The Starfleet Survival Guide Author David Mack As The Brave Men And Women Of Starfleet Carry Out Their Duties Mapping Countless Solar Systems, Greeting New Species And Establishing Ties With Civilizations Large And Small They Live, Work, And Face The Possibility That They Could Die In Space How Do Starfleet S Finest Survive The Countless Dangers To Be Discovered As They Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before Find Out With This Special Edition Of The Starfleet Survival Guide Contains Up To Date, Declassified Information On STANDARD EQUIPMENT NONSTANDARD USESUNCONVENTIONAL MEDICINEDANGEROUS LIFE FORMSEXTREME SCENARIOSAnd For Further Reference, Or If You Are Considering And Exciting And Fulfilling Career In The Diplomatic And Scientific Fleet Of The United Federation Of Planets, Please Contact Your Local Starfleet Representative. Ever get the feeling on your way to work that you re doing the same thing over and over each day You may just think you have a boring job or you could be stuck in a Temporal Causality Loop This book will help you overcome such obstacles as these that you may encounter.Fending off Mugato attacks and if that doesn t work, how to counteract their venom.How to recognise if
Presented as an in universe manual for members of Starfleet, this survival guide contains the tips and tricks that are used and forgotten at the plot demands of so many episodes It s a fun read because it takes the in universe premise
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[KINDLE] ❅ The Starfleet Survival Guide  ❥ David Mack –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Starfleet Survival Guide
  • David Mack
  • English
  • 04 March 2019
  • 0743418425