Electric Ufos: Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States

Electric Ufos: Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal StatesAlien Abductions, Ghostly Visitations, And Destructive Entities From Astral Planes These Events Really Be The Bizarre Outcome Of Electromagnetic Pollution Field Emitting Devices Such As Power Lines Litter Our Environment, Possibly Affecting Our Bodies, Minds, And Sensory Abilities Fully Researched And Full Of Fascinating Scientific Data And First Hand Accounts, This Terrifying Portrait Of Electromagnetic Pollution May Change Your View About The World Around Us It Covers Health Issues, Such As Asthma And Other Life Threatening Illnesses Resulting From, Or Made Worse By, Power Fields One Story Tells Of A 13 Year Old Boy Whose Fatal Leukemia May Have Resulted From Electric Fields Near His Bed See Why The Effects Of Electrical Bombardment Are Particularly Pernicious During Sleep When Many So Called Abductions Occur What Effect Power Surges Can Have On Us How Exposure To Multiple Types Of Electrical Fields Have Especially Dire Consequences Which Physical Phenomena Have Been Found At Haunted Locations And What Scientific Studies Reveal About Unclassified Atmospheric Phenomena Those Power Lines, Electric Lights, And Meters Will Never Look Harmless Again There are few interesting ideas in here but the bulk of it is speculative and overhyped The section on electromagnetic hypersensitivity is nonsense The data just does not show that is remotely true Author even admits that double blind tests were never done Yet, he takes these claims as if they are certain That s a sign of a someone too enad with certain ideas He touts the Hutchison effect which has never been shown to be legitimate after significant attempts to reproduce Again, that s a sign this is a whole lot of wishful thinking.Howe

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  • Paperback
  • Electric Ufos: Fireballs, Electromagnetics and Abnormal States
  • Albert Budden
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780713726855