Running and Dancing

Running and Dancing Ebook Running And Dancing Author Carol Fenner Two African American Girls Grow Into Teenagers At The Turn Of The 20th Century 1916 1917 The Times Are Much Different Than They Are Today The Older Girl S Sister Fled The United States To Find Fame And Fortune In Another Country Like Josephine Baker She Left Behind A Daughter, And The Two Girls One Is The Other S Niece Each Experience Different Coming Of Age Adventures, According To Their Temperaments Bertine, Eldest Of The Pair, Is A Runner, Like Her Sister But Alma Is A Different Sort Of Girl One Who Enjoys The Dance Of Life Right Where She Is This Book Was Written By Carol Fenner Over The Course Of 20 Years, But She Didn T Finish The Final Edits Before She Died The Manuscript Presented Here Has Been Polished And Received Final Edits By Her Niece, Claudia Alexander. Running and Dancing is a posthumously published novel by Carol Fenner Set in the late 1910s, this book is a coming of age story about two Black girls, Bertine and Alma, in rural Western Michigan who explore the vibrancy of life.I was hooked on Running and Dancing from first chapter Bertine and Alma s initial adventure captured me in a way that kept me curious about where the story can go and how it will end As the story progresses, the true beauty of this book comes through Carol Fenner s word choice is impeccable She has a way with words that describes scenes, thoughts and characters with such clarity that you know exactly what s going on, even if you haven t experienced what s going on in the story.Alma and Bertine also have personal journeys Bertine, in all of her feistiness and athleticism, is still a girl on the cusp of puberty and womanhood As she proves her strength and endurance to her young male counterparts, she inwardly fights the inevitable Even though Alma is of a daughter to Bertine s mother than Bertine ever cared to be, Alma curiosity yearned to know about her own mother, who has Bertine s sister The closer she gets to t
An amazing and lyrical book Two girls, one the other one s aunt, pass from girls to teenagers in the tale that covers two years 1917 1918 Both are missing a parent, the oldest one, her father, the youngest one, her mother the oldest one s oldest sister The two girls live with their grandmother The oldest of the two girls is a runner someone who temperamentally runs from her problems A tomboy, in the story, she literally is trying to run away from her growing body, and still beat the boys the younger one is a di

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