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Le Roi de ferLe Roi De Fer Books Author Maurice Druon Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Uma Saga Hist Rica Inesquec Vel Ao Morrer Na Fogueira, O Gr O Mestre Dos Templ Rios Lan Ou Uma Terr Vel Maldi O A Filipe, O Belo, O Rei De Ferro Sereis Malditos At 13 Gera O Da Vossa Linhagem E A Maldi O Cumpriu Se Jacques De Molay Passara Os Ltimos Sete Anos Nos C Rceres Da Inquisi O Aquele Homem, Outrora Poderoso Gr O Mestre Da Sagrada Ordem Dos Cavaleiros Templ Rios, Tinha Suportado A Tortura E A Humilha O De Ser Acusado De Heresia Ele, Que Brandira A Espada No Fragor Das Cruzadas E Pusera A Vida Ao Servi O Da F Cat Lica, Estava Agora, Naquele Dia 18 De Mar O De 1314, Prestes A Morrer Na Fogueira Perante Uma Multid O Ansiosa Por Assistir Ao Sinistro Espect Culo.Mas O Fogo Que Lhe Consumia O Corpo N O Conseguira Vergar Lhe O Esp Rito E, Recorrendo S Suas Ltimas For As, Lan Ou Uma Ltima Maldi O Malditos, Malditos Sereis Malditos At 13 Gera O Nenhum Dos Presentes Duvidou Que A Maldi O Se Dirigia Expressamente A Filipe, O Belo, O Rei De Lend Ria Beleza, Senhor Absoluto Da Fran A E A Maldi O Cumpriu Se.Durante Mais De Meio S Culo, Os Reis Sucederam Se No Trono De Fran A, Mas Sempre Por Pouco Tempo Desde Intrigas Palacianas A Mortes S Bitas E Inexplic Veis, Batalhas Entre Dinastias E Guerras Desastrosas, Tudo Parecia Fatalmente Regido Pelo Tr Gico Destino Dos Reis Malditos. It must be admitted that such things were common coin of the period Kingdoms were often handed over to adolescents, whose absolute power fascinated them as might a game Hardly grown out of the age in which it is fun to tear the wings from fl
During his reign, France was a great country, and the French were the most miserable of all people George R.R Martin has apparently called The Accursed Kings, a seven book historical novel series by Maurice Druon, the original game of thrones Which pretty much means that soon everyone and their grandma will be reading these Well, for once I m the cool kid ahem, I mean, nerdy overachiever, of course who can say Well, I first read these books years ago, having spent every penny of my sparse pocket money on these tomes Actually, read is an incorrect description I inhaled these books figuratively at the age of 11, completely entranced by the fascinating world of historical intrigue, for the first time having realized that history is not just the boring collection of dates, names and battles that the wheel of history can be turned by people who are very much unaware of the overarching implications of their actions and scheming This book, the first in the Accursed Kings series, drops the reader smack into the middle of French palace intrigues that surrounded the last year 1314 of the reign of Philippe IV a.k.a Philippe the Fair as in pretty , and not just and into the thick of the events that eventually precipitated the Hundred Years War between England and France Sir, you have turned the fractured land into a
No, I did not read this book, first in a series of seven, because the saga has been one of the sources for the Game of Thrones, about which, both in its book and filmed versions I know little than this No, I read it because I am interested in the end of the Capetians and the beginning of the Valois dynasty In this novel we are presented with a few episodes at the end of the life of the King of France Philippe IV 1268 1314 , le Bel As his epithet indicates, he was a man considered of great beauty, if of a cold and inexorable beauty Like his implacable and stony personality His reign was relatively successful and he achieved many of the aims he set himself As a close contemporary of Dante Alighieri 1268 1321 , he also shared with the poet a deep enmity with the Pope Boniface VIII pope during 1295 1303 Dante put the Pope in one of the circles of his Inferno, and Philippe put the Pope in his place That is, the French King would not accept any spiritual authority over his own, and much before Henry VIII did so in England, Philippe assumed both the holy and terrestrial powers over his land The by product of this conflict is that the Papacy was also extracted out of Rome and placed in the South of France, in Avignon.Philippe certainly h
Si no es un cl sico de la literatura universal, esta novela es ya un cl sico del g nero hist rico Bien documentada y entretenida, su inter s no decae nunca Acompa amos en ella a Felipe el Hermoso y a la familia real francesa a principios del tr gico siglo XIV Pero tambi n se nos presentan otros personajes y dramas, como el de los Templarios cuando se ab
So, this is being marketed as the original Game of Thrones With blurbs and a new introduction from George R.R Martin himself What an eye catching endorsement I was sold.Well, yes and no It s actually quite different than GoT But at the same time, I can see where it s an influence on Martin s story Not the only one, but it s certainly there.That said, it s quite an enjoyable novel It has held up we
Enough is enough I m giving up on this book I as I m sure were many others was lured into reading this on the promise of George RR Martin s recommendation This was the original Game of Thrones It wasn t, not even close It s a history book disguised as a novel, written in a tedious and childish style.Harsh, I know In its defence, it s an old book 1955 that s been recently re launched and it s a translation either or both of these elements could be the reason why this book didn t work for me The main problem wasn t the subject, which is a truly fascinating one, a complex and interesting period in European history, peopled by intriguing and extreme characters, the problem throughout was the writing style, which alternated between a dreary monologue of facts, and imaginary conversations which never engaged and were, at times, simply bizarre It didn t feel real It quickly became very annoying The only thing I can say in its defence is that it is thorough, if you love this particular period of history, and, maybe, if you re a younger reader, this might work for you.It s not often I don t finish a book I m inte
A m me das salseo hist rico y datos cueriosos para poder conseguie el quesito amarillo o marr n del Trivial Pursuit y me tienes ganada.Y s , se supone que GRR Martin se bas en parte en esta saga para escribir su Canci n de hielo y fuego , pero eso es lo de menos Porque aparte de que todo el mundo quiera el trono la corona de Francia en este caso como si fuera en ltimo gofre con chocolate del planeta Tierra, la trama de ambas sagas no se parece en exceso Quiero decir, hay conspiraciones y luchas por el poder y corruptelas financieras y l os amorosos, pero no es como si Martin hubiera usado la Historia de la Francia del siglo XIV como un calco.Si dijera que los personajes son muy complejos psicol gicamente mentir a, porque si bien su personalidad y sus motivaciones est n claras, tampoco es que el autor pierda mucho tiempo en darles grandes mon logos internos o explicar al detalle todo lo que sienten A ver, que se supone que Isabel odia a sus nueras porque tienen sexo mientras que ella no, porque est casada con Eduardo II, que era homosexual Que a ver, una motivaci n es, aunque un poco floja, si tenemos en cuenta que una infidelidad de sus nueras casadas con los herederos franceses pondr a en c
George R R Martin once wrote in a blog post that if you love his A Song of Ice and Fire series and are looking for something like it , then you really need to check out The Iron King by Maurice Druon In the newest edition of the book s foreword, he calls it the original game of thrones and credits it for being one of the great historical novels that inspired his own epic series Even if I hadn t known all this, the parallels are clear this is only the first book of The Accursed Kings series and already it has it all, just without the fantasy elements conspiracies, assassinations, illicit affairs, royal scandals, rivaling families, public executions, lies, sex, betrayals and torture and poisonings and death curses, oh my.Originally written in French and published in the mid 1950s, the books in this series were long out of print and apparently quite difficult to get your hands on, until now Fortunately, the English translation of the first book recently made it back into print with the rest to follow, I hear , thus resulting in yours truly just about tripping over her own feet rushing to press the buy button for the Kindle version Even without GRRM s glowing recommendation, I m always up for good historical fiction, especially books involving European monarchies and the Middle Ages.The Iron King is a fascinating take on the events which preceded and led up to arguably one of th
The Iron King is set in 1314, the year in which the Trial of the Templars reached its conclusion, and the French court was shocked by the Tower of Nesle affair If you know what happens in these events, this novel is not for you Prior knowledge will reduce the book to a travelogue featuring nothing but the drabbest of landmarks The Iron King is Philip IV, called the Fair, ostensibly because he s as pretty and as sentimental as a statue Philip is obsessed with strengthening the monarchy of France, by any means necessary In the first part of the book the last phase of the Trial of the Templars takes center stage This trial, beginning with the arrest of all Templars in France on November 13th 1307, shook Europe The Order of the Templars was one of the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in Europe that a king would indict and persecute them was virtually unthinkable and would not have worked had Philip not had the pope on a leash in Avignon The second phase of the book centers on the Tower of the Nesle affair, the last part is
No me resisto a un libro de historia bien contado.Cuando los encuentro me pregunto por qu los profes del colegio no ense an historia as.Un libro muy bien contado acerca del reinado de Felipe el hermoso y