A Friend of the Family

A Friend of the Family Epub A Friend Of The Family By David Kubicek Bassgrotto.co.uk In A Desolate Future, Long After The Nuclear War, Practicing Medicine Is Illegal Health Care Is Provided By Healers Who Treat Patients Using Primitive Methods Like Chanting And Bleeding Hank Is A Doctor Who Practices Medicine Only For Himself And His Family His Fear Of Being Sent To Prison Has Estranged Him From The Underground, The Loose Network Of Physicians That Tries To Help People Who Have Lost Faith In The Healers Then Late One Evening A 16 Year Old Girl Named Gina Knocks On His Door She Has A Secret Of Her Own And The Power To Destroy Hank S Life If He Doesn T Come With Her And Make Her Seriously Ill Father Well But There Is One Catch Gina S Father Is The Brother Of A Healer. First thing s first This is a short story So if you look at the 2.99 price, be aware Personally, I think it s a little bit steep, but that s just me.This was a decent short, in of itself, and I d probably give it three out of five stars The premise is original and the story is captivating but as a short, there wasn t enough time to develop much of anything The main character, Hank is a medicine man or doctor in a time when practicing medicine is illegal and he s fearful of being discovered and he s afraid of his own children, but the story never expounds on that little tidbit Spoilers Gina is a telepath Okay We re post WWIII here and I get it that the medical profession has been disgraced, but where the hell do telepaths come from Once again, it s a short, so this is never explained.I know I have no room to talk Anyone that s read my stuff is probably saying, Really, Cait Pot, meet Kettle But still, I m only frustrated because I feel like this is a story that I want to know about I want to know what happened to this world to make doctors obsolete and turn people toward mysticism instead of modern medicine to heal I want to know about WWIII and how telepaths came to be I want to know how a man becomes afraid of his own children Because of this, I m frustrated So, on the one hand, Kubicek did a good job pulling me into a story, intriguing me, and making me want , but then didn t provide it Maybe if I knew
I won this book in a giveaway thank to David Kubicek for sending me a signed copy so fast This book is a small window into the life of a medicine man and a young girl who forces him out of hiding to help her dying father.The author did

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  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • A Friend of the Family
  • David Kubicek
  • English
  • 11 April 2019
  • 9780615606378