Choice Deceptions

Choice DeceptionsDownload Choice Deceptions Author Emma Jensen THEY COULD FOOL THE PUBLIC, BUT NOT THEIR HEARTS Lord Tarrant Needed A Woman Aurelie Carollan Needed A Place To Hide Her Advertisement And His Offer Seemed To Ensure That Both Parties Would Get What They So Desperately Desired.He Would Get A Faux Fianc E In An Orchestrated Deception To Avoid A Dreadful Matchmaking Attempt And She Would Find Heaven Sent Sanctuary From The Evil Machinations Of Greedy Relatives.But Against Her Better Judgment, Aurelie Is Boldly Curious About The Man Behind The Saturnine Manner And Mercurial Moods, Beginning To View Him Less As A Partner In Crime And As A Man Destined To Wreak Havoc With Her Best Laid Plans And Her Heart This was so sweet, even though Jason starts off as a huge jerk. Aurelie Carollan s late parent s made it difficult for her greedy relatives to get her money They have been bribing perspective groom s with her fortune and a kick back to them but Aurelie has managed to scare them away Now they are down to the ones willing to do things by force With 3 months before she turns 21 and can claim her fortune, she finally gets a response to her governess ad and slips away Jason Granville, Lord Tarrant, is under siege from his parents to marry their neighbor, an arrangement he opposes Though th
Plays on the issues of evil guardians Not bad but the seemed to run out of steam for the ending Reminds one of how far a couple of hours could be.

[Epub] ❤ Choice Deceptions Author Emma Jensen –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Choice Deceptions
  • Emma Jensen
  • English
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9780449224014