Glorious Dawn

Glorious DawnBOOKS Glorious Dawn By Dorothy Garlock Out Of Print For Nine Years, A Classic Western Romance By The Bestselling Author Of Homeplace And Ribbon In The Sky Has Been Brought Back By Popular Demand The Macklin Ranch Seemed To Be A Refuge For Johanna And Her Ravaged Younger Sister Until The Cruel Rancher Forces Johanna To Marry His Son Then Johanna Faces Overwhelming Desire For Her New Husband. I m very glad to see the author s historical western romances now available for kindle I read this many years ago and I m glad to say it is a story that has stood the test of time.Johanna and Jacy are two step sisters who arrive in Macklin Valley after Jacy has been cruelly, violently abused Johanna takes the position of housekeeper to old Mack Macklin and his household of men hoping to see Jacy begin to heal and try and put their troubled past behind them But Macklin s isolated household is filled with hate, racism and bad memories Mack has two illegitimate sons Burr and Luis It is Burr who is volatile, and angry Raised to take fight for what he wants.he wants Johanna and will let nothing stand in his way.There are some wonderful characterisations in this somewhat angst driven and gritty romance The male characters are certainly not PC and some of the female characters although strong in their own right are treated poorly I think that the author was trying to
I love anything that Dorothy Garlock writew It always makes me wish I had been born in the 1800 s Really liked. This is one of the heaviest historical romances I ve ever read there is so much hate and rage expressed that I became overwhelmed with the negative vibes After thinking on this, I ve bounced from a score of 4 to 5 stars several times This is an incredibly well written book about things I don t usually see in romances prejudice, racism and unbridled hate.The book opens with the murder of Johanna and Jacy s parents then the outlaws cruelly rape Jacy and steal her away Three days later, the neighbors find Jacy in shock and speechless.Because of Jacy s obvious condition she s pregnant and unable to speak , Johanna is having a hard time getting and keeping a job any job Finally, a lawyer says he has a job for her in New Mexico Johanna is to be the housekeeper of a powerful landowner, Mack Macklin.These are two innocents thrown to the wolves Mack and his two illegitimate sons, Burr and Luis, hate and rage at each other However, there is a strong bond between the two sons Luis is the lover and Burr is the fighter in the family.Luis is immediately captivated by Jacy an
review is from Glorious Dawn Talk about characterization Dorothy Garlock does a fabulous job with the characters in this book.If the characters are bad, they don t suddenly see the light and become wonderful Old Mack was a mean old cuss, and he died a mean old cuss and nobody missed him.Naturally, everyone knew the two main characters would eventually fall in love, but oh wow, the getting there was so darn good What a lov
While this book kept me engaged, the characters and plot weren t so great in hindsight The premise and characters were fairly reasonable Sure, I enjoyed most of it, but there were a lot of things that just didn t quite make sense The romance between Johanna a
loved it as i do all dorothy garlock books. Very, very good Enjoyed the story

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