The Assassin and the Underworld

The Assassin and the Underworld➽ [Reading] ➿ The Assassin and the Underworld By Sarah J. Maas ➲ – When the King of the Assassins gives Celaena Sardothien a special assignment that will help fight slavery in the kingdom she jumps at the chance to strike a blow against an evil practice The mission i When the King and the MOBI õ of the Assassins gives Celaena Sardothien a special assignment that will help fight slavery in the kingdom she jumps at the chance to strike a blow against an evil practice The mission is a dark and deadly affair which takes Celaena from the rooftops of The Assassin PDF/EPUB ² the city to the bottom of the sewer and she doesn't like what she finds there. “I love you” he repeated shaking her again “I have for years And he hurt you and made me watch because he’s always known how I felt too But if I asked you to pick you’d choose Arobynn and I Can’t Take It”“You’re a damned idiot” she breathed “You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot” He looked like she had hit him But she went on and grasped both sides of his face “Because I’d pick you” #teamSam❤❤ Samis sucha CUTIE I'm officially in love swoon B but when I remember that he's not in Throne of Glass A sneak peek into the dysfunctional dynamics between Arobynn and CaelenaSeconds passed then minutes Her plans for a grand speech with sweeping gestures faded into silence cOf all the people in the world only Arobynn knew the absolute truth cShe couldn’t tell what was worse a uick beheading or yielding to the king cThe Mute Master had told her that people dealt with their pain in different ways—that some chose to drown it some chose to love it and some chose to let it turn into rage сThe history that lay between them dark and twisted and full of secrets was forged by than just gold cAnd into her being so very fond of gifts with which he's trying to ingratiate himself into good terms with her Does she love her trinketsBut she couldn’t contain her sueal when she opened the box and found two gold hair combs glinting at her They were exuisite formed like sharp fish fins each point accentuated with a sliver of sapphire c Oh gosh she beamed at her reflection Exotic beguiling imperious сAn emerald and gold brooch glittered in the gray afternoon light It was stunning the work of a master craftsman—and she instantly knew what dresses and tunics it would best complement cManicure troubles insightwhen her attention shifted to her hands—to her shredded cuticles and jagged nails She let out a low hiss cShe glanced again at her hair and nails A very unkempt wild looking petShe strode into her dressing room She’d decide what to do about Doneval and his agenda later For now not even the rain would keep her from a little pampering c they didn’t trade in gold No they coveted things like dreams and memories and souls cAnd many other breathtaking things“You look beautiful Though I bet you already know that” She most certainly did cShe was Adarlan’s Assassin; she’d freed slaves and stolen Asterion horses and won the respect of the Mute Master Surely she could do something better than go to bed early cSome things are important than death c“My name is Wind And Rain And Bone and Dust My name is a snippet of a half remembered song”“I have no name I am whoever the keepers of my fate tell me to be” cI don’t know how to be your friend yet I don’t know if I know how to be anyone’s friend cThe rooftop of her new apartment looked out over the Avery River and Celaena sat on the walled edge her legs dangling off the side The stone beneath her was chill and damp but the rain had stopped during the night and fierce winds had blown the clouds away as the stars faded and the sky lightenedThe sun broke over the horizon flooding the snaking arm of the Avery with light It became a living band of gold She inhaled the damp morning air letting it wash through her Seated on the roof ledge she felt wonderfully insignificant—a mere speck in the vastness of the great city And yet all of it was hers for the taking Yes the party had been delightful but there was to the world than that Bigger things beautiful things real things Her future was hers and she had three trunks of gold hidden in her room that would solidify it She could make of her life what she wantedCelaena leaned back on her hands drinking in the awakening city And as she watched the capital she had the joyous feeling that the capital watched her back c Confession time for most of this novella I couldn't remember why I hated this one so much than all the others There are sincere emotional moments Celaena is by and large bearable mostly because this remains the only story where an anti slavery viewpoint is actually woven into the character The romance is ridiculous but honestly at this point I handwave ridiculous romance in YA as long as it's not AWFUL romance Plus we get actual backstory on Celaena which is actually sort of a problem we should have this information in the series not have to read companion novels for it but that's a different issue entirely True Celaena hated all other women for being women still so it was getting docked points for that but except in one specific case it was milder than other novellasThen dear readers I hit the last chapterRemember that one specific case? That case is Lysandra Those who have read the later books know that Lysandra and Celaena eventually become bosom buds partly because the novels can't seem to stop commenting on Lysandra's bosom but also because the novels decide that Lysandra feels bad for unspecified behavior and apologizes and in turn Celaena apologizes for throwing a knife at her headI mean I personally would find knife hurling an overreaction in response to behavior not involving say murder or torture or rape but these books like to think knife throwing and fire hurling are appropriate responses for mild jabs and appropriate commentary so whatever In this novella we learn about the knife throwing incident The knife throwing incident is in response to Lysandra telling Celaena something she already knew ie that Arobynn used the money Celaena gave him to buy off her indenture from him to pay for Lysandra's 'Bidding' aka purchasing the first time Lysandra has sexthe books' definition of sex is a narrow one before you askThe novella treats this as a 'take that' Please keep in mind that Lysandra has been raised by Arobynn in a way similar to Celaena without the status of getting to call herself his niece which indicates to me at least that he was specifically grooming Lysandra which is supported in the novels themselves She was also purchased as a small child to be raised that way Could Celaena not have realized this? I would consider it possible if we did not in fact know that Celaena is in possession of this information SO THAT'S GREATFurther the entire sordid affair is treated by Celaena Arobynn Sam Lysandra AND THE BOOK as a personal wrong done to Celaena because Arobynn used the money she paid off her indenture with Is she upset that he used her money to continue a terrible practice akin if not outright identical to slavery? No She is upset that he used the money to win Lysandra's Bidding specifically The uote? He'd spent her money on a person he knew she hatedTake a chill pill Celaena and Novella Consider for two seconds how traumatizing it must have been for Lysandra to have her virginity bought and 'taken' by her father figure and then maybe consider that you're both tied for The Actual WorstAlso you had 166 fragments in 104 pages Hope you're happy How can I convince you to stay?You can't This novella was so emotional I couldn't even think straight I loved the vibes of this city and the sewerage systems were breathtaking that I turned the pages uickly to see how it ends The Assassin and the Underworld would be the 4 star read for me if it was not for that predictable twist and ending Sam in this novella is lovable I saw a new side of him and liked it The way he declared his love for Celaena is cute and undeniably touchingAnyway I was so scared when I finished this short story because I'd already known about what was going to happen and I was not ready Mercy me “I love you he repeated shaking her again I have for years And he hurt you and made me watch because he's always know how I felt too But if I asked you to pick you'd choose Arobynn and I Can't Take It” 4 STAR'S “I love you he repeated shaking her again I have for years And he hurt you and made me watch because he's always know how I felt too But if I asked you to pick you'd choose Arobynn and I Can't Take It”This novella was really freaking good The Assassin and the Underworld takes place where The Assassin and the Desert left off I was hooked and just really enjoyed this read Arobynn gives Celaena a mission she can't refuse but let's just say things do not go as planned and Arobynn isn't uite done with her punishment just yet and thing's get really DIRTY The twist and turns and the ending were a bit too predictable though At the same time I for reals couldn't put this down Celaena and Sam Sam and Celaena Ahhh I just can't get enough of these two You get to see a whole other side to Sam Cortland and it's impossible not to fall for the guy He's just the sweetest I love Celaena and Sam so so much They are so stinking cute and I just melted over Sam's confession of love for Celaena I don't even want to think about what's coming because it's gonna ruin me 😭 This is a must read “You’re a damned idiot” she breathed grabbing the front of his tunic “You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot” He looked like she had hit him But she went on and grasped both sides of his face Because I'd pick youAnd then she kissed him I just can’t stop admiring Sarah J Maas The series of novella in The Assassin’s Blade keeps getting better and better More action intrigue– The Assassin and the Underworld made me speechless Sarah J Maas made such a raw and powerful job in this novellaI felt so many emotions while reading this I felt sad thrilled excited anxious angry swooning– everything I’ve never felt these mixed emotions in a long while but in this novella I experienced such a ride I didn’t expect to hate some of the characters here I admit I already expected a betrayal and a deceit coming but still what happened to Celaena broke me into piecesThe pacing of this novella is also plus It’s fast paced and the important details were perfectly framed together Also flawless plot I also love the romance between Sam and Celaena It was sweet and not forced I ship them so bad Oh SamWhat can be said about this novella? Everything is a form of masterpiece that only Sarah J Maas can deliverRating 5 Stars I don't care if these are just novellas these are just as great as the actual novels and if you at all felt any inkling of love towards the Throne of Glass series then by Gods what are you waiting for? I've gone and done it guys I've gone and done the stupidest thing of all things stupid I've fallen for Sam I should know better I really shouldWhy did I fall in love with Sam's character when I know their story arc is doomed WHY???As a general rule I don't usually give novellas than 4 stars because they aren't fully developed stories with developing characters BUT there goes THAT rule because wow I think this has to do with reading each of the novellas right after each other that makes it seem like one entire bookI couldn't believe no wait I could believe what an a hole Arrobynn was Even from Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight I kind of got that distinct feeling But honestly what an %# Read for your self and you'll see what I mean You'll want to strangle him tooSo happy to see Dorian and Chaol make a small appearance in the book even if it really wasn't all that significant If anything they served as an impetus for the SamCelaena ship to be canonI've always liked Chaol best out of DorianChaol but I can't help but adore Sam just a tad bit What a sweetheart he is Ugh I KNOW this isn't gonna end well with my heart heck it already hurts He got her the sheet music 😫 These Novellas are undoing me Now I understand the Sarah J Mass stans 😏💗 45★ Amazing He’d given her everything but he’d also takeneverything away She could no sooner sort out her feelings toward the King ofthe Assassins than she could count the stars in the sky All I'd say is you never know who you can trust You know someone for years and they'll betray you and you'll make a new friend because heshe seems so nice and all but they'll stab you in the back tooEspecially the life of an assassin Trusting is risking which they cannot afford to do that muchAlso I just love Sam and Celaena totally shipping them And you're a damned fool for not seeing it Seriously I think she saw but didn't believe it and wasn't sure about herself too which is why she kept ignoring the thoughtI HATEEE Arobynn And I'd just say the novellas have been so good till now that I'm wondering how good the novels would be