The Assassin and the Desert

The Assassin and the Desert➲ [Read] ➭ The Assassin and the Desert By Sarah J. Maas ➽ – The Silent Assassins of the Red Desert aren’t much for conversation and Celaena Sardothien wouldn’t have it any other way She’s not there to chatter she’s there to hone her craft as the world The Silent Assassins and the MOBI õ of the Red Desert aren’t much for conversation and Celaena Sardothien wouldn’t have it any other way She’s not there to chatter she’s there to hone her craft as the world’s most feared killer for hire When the uiet is shattered by forces who The Assassin PDF/EPUB ² want to destroy the Silent Assassins Celaena must find a way to stop them or she’ll be lucky to leave the desert alive. “If you can learn to endure pain you can survive anything Some people learn to embrace it—to love it Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow or by making themselves forget Others turn it into anger But Ansel let her pain become hate and let it consume her until she became something else entirely—a person I don’t think she ever wished to be” 5 STAR'S “If you can learn to endure pain you can survive anything The Assassin and the Desert was by far the best novella in this series thus far It takes place in The Red Desert with The Silent Assassins Where Celeana was sent by Arobynn as punishment to train with The Mute Master I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it It blew me away and I can't believe how much I truly loved it I was very much surprised at all the twists and turns and the number of details Maas was able to fit into a 103 page novella I was extremely happy that this one was longer and yet I still wanted Needed Yes it was slow in parts but really for once I didn't mind that fact at all I enjoyed all the new characters I was introduced too I loved seeing how Celeana and Ansel officially met and I love the friendship that bloomed between them I was so sad about how everything went down at the end and in spite of the betrayal I can't help it I still really like Ansel Honestly guys this book was so worth the read I recommend if you get the chance to read it DO You won't be disappointed D The Assassin and the Underworld here I come “Words could be just as deadly as steel” “One arrow that had been her promise But she'd also promised Ansel that she had twenty minutes to get out of range Celaena had fired after twenty one”“I think you will leave a lasting imprint on Ansel's heart You spared her life and returned her father's sword And maybe when she makes her next move to reclaim her title she will remember the assassin from the North and the kindness you showed her and try to leave fewer bodies in her wake” Hands down my favorite novella thus far I'm speechless as to how much I actually loved this story It reminded me a lot of Nevernight and although it made the story very predictable because of how similar both stories were I didn't mind it one bitI actually loved Celaena in this This is the Celaena I love This is the Celaena I wish Aelin could be She wasn't overly arrogant She wasn't annoyingly cocky In fact I found her to be actually humble in this novella and very likableThe characters that were introduced in this novella were amazing I loved every single one of them And let me just say that Ilias is such a babe If Celaena doesn't want him I'll gladly take him off her hands and welcome him my wayI really loved this novella and I have a feeling this will be my favorite one in this bindup “To being the most fearsome and imposing girls the world has ever seen” сTomorrow will be better It might be only a foot than today but it will be a foot longer that you can run ceducation and culture were eually important—words could be just as deadly as steel cShe looked to the open window to the world beyond For the first time in a long while she heard the song of a northern wind calling her home And she was not afraid cThis time Celeana meets 'Ansel of Briarcliff Defender of the Realm' Silent Assassins and is on tour de uelue chose through a bunch of deserts Asterion horses Stygian spydersilk And yeah Celeana's never kissed She learns the true value of friendship and loyalty and mercy in this one The only sound was the wind hissing through the sand cAnd since that night even during her trip out here everything had been a haze of rage and sorrow and bone deep weariness as if she were dreaming while awake cAnd since that night even during her trip out here everything had been a haze of rage and sorrow and bone deep weariness as if she were dreaming while awake cIt was too convenient to be coincidental cAdventure and glory aside anyone who’d sell twenty years of his life for a fortune couldn’t be trusted cA reminder of what?”“That everything has a price” cCelaena had a sudden moment of clarity then as her hair ripped from her braid and the wind tore at her clothes Of all the girls in all the world here she was on a spit of beach in the Red Desert astride an Asterion horse racing faster than the wind Most would never experience this—she would never experience anything like this again And for that one heartbeat when there was nothing to it than that she tasted bliss so complete that she tipped her head back to the sky and laughed cAfter that she spent three days dangling from the rafters of the fortress stables with the bats c Talk about going batshitIt was almost as intoxicating as the oddity of dancing to no music to hearing a collective silent rhythm—to letting the wind and the sighing sand outside the fortress provide the beat and the melody It was lovely and strange and as the hours passed she often wondered if she’d strayed into some dream c Then he gave her one of those shrugs which she interpreted to mean If only we didn’t live thousands of miles apart But can you blame me for trying? c This sounds like a severe case of a girl translatetatitis when you take simple things such as cough or a sideways glance or a shrug for 'very important standalone messages'Again and again the sweep and curve of her arm the twisting of her torso even the rhythm of her breathing Again and again until she became the asp until the sun broke over the horizon bathing them in red lightAgain and again until there was nothing left but the Master and her as they greeted the new day c“When you give your master his letter also give him this And tell him that in the Red Desert we do not abuse our disciples” c Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest You're just a spoiled selfish bitchCelery's punishment saga continues as she finally makes her way into the Red Desert a vaguely Middle Eastern land where the Silent Assassins live The Silent Assassins seem to borrow very heavy from George R R Martin's Faceless Men and it's almost funny how closely this story arc mirrors Arya's training under Jaen H'ghar But this is not the first thing in this series I've seen that really reminded me of Game of Thrones The valg are pretty similar to the wights Mannon and her wyvern is basically a knockoff Daenerys Targaryen I mean she's a dragon ueen with white blond hair and UEEN OF SHADOWS introduces something called hellfire that sounds a lot like wildfire I'm not even a hardcore GoT fan and even I noticed the similarities Long story shorts Celery must study under the Silent Assassins and get a letter of recommendation from them While there she makes friends with a girl named Ansel who has a tragic history of her own After her initial distrust with anything female Celery finally condescends to accept these overtures of friendship and actually find herself uite taken with the chatty red haired girl Of course this being a Throne of Glass novella this comes to nothingOkay seriously what is the deal with the way women are treated in this book Good women are chaste and end up married and pregnant by their mates whereas bad women are slutty or power hungry and ambitious Even Celery who's supposed to be the best of the best doesn't actually do much that's bad ass Considering how all of these novellas have the words assassin in the title she doesn't do much assassinating In fact she balks from it at every opportunity even if it's her damn job And I'm sorry but how does killing people of adultery weigh than killing people who are essentially selling people including youths into prostitution per pirate lord? She should have killed Rolfe but she didn't And when Ansel betrays her in this book because of course she does nobody can eclipse our shining star Celery Saltine thin ueen of Every Fucking Thing Celery doesn't even kill her She lets her get away with betraying all the people who took her in Because of course she does She even manages to get herself druggedpoisoned by uaffing food that's put in front of herBest Assassin EverDespite my complaints this is easily the best of the three assassin preuel novellas I've read so far The scenery descriptions are much better here and all of the side characters are interesting except for you know Celery The way Ansel was treated in this book was basically Nehemia pt 2 and I don't know why Maas seems so reluctant to portray healthy female friendships but man it's becoming a pattern and it's kind of upsetting Nehemia was the best part about books one and two and we all know how that went down Ansel was a repeat of that Don't be friends with women I guess or they'll either try to kill you or die for your sins Oh and Celery adds yet another conuest to her ever growing man harem the ill fated assassin Ilias Honestly considering how cruelly these books treat sexually empowered women Celery sure has a lot of admirers2 stars “Words could be just as deadly as steel” The Assassin and the Desert sounded like a great story with a big twist at first and then the pace was slow down that I almost lost my interest Celaena Sardothien comes to the desert and must receive the approval letter before she is back to Arobynn She meets a girl named Ansel and these two become friends very uick among the fact that Celaene herself is very cautious and doesn't trust anyone easily All in all the ending leads to the new adventure for her Being free and starting a new life are not cushy for a girl like Celaena Sardothien “If you can learn to endure pain you can survive anything” The Lord of the NorthWhy does he get a fancy title?Because the stag remains constant—no matter the season he's always thereWhy?So the people of Terrasen will always know how to find their way home So they can look up at the sky no matter where they are and know Terrasen is forever with them ¡Este es uno de los mejores relatos del libro La intriga los viajes los acertijos el entrenamiento las traiciones The Assassin and the Desert lo tiene todo Auí Celaena va a tener ue llegar a la guarida de los Asesinos Silenciosos después de atravesar todo el Desierto Rojo y convencer al gran Maestro de ue la entrene durante un mes Y no sólo eso sino ue también tendrá ue lograr ue el Maestro le escriba una carta de aprobación para ue Arobynn perdone sus insolencias y la deje volver a Rifthold Pronto Celaena se da cuenta de ue su misión no será nada fácil pues un gran traición pende sobre la Fortaleza SilenciosaEn este relato nos encontramos con una faceta de Celaena ue no conocíamos la de alguien acostumbrada a ser la mejor y a sobresalir en todo pero ue de repente se topa con personas y entrenamientos ue rivalizan con sus habilidades y ue incluso la superan En la Fortaleza Silenciosa Celaena aprende a ser un poco más humilde y a valorar las técnicas milenarias ue les han dado su reputación a los Asesinos Silenciosos Además y paralelo a su entrenamiento Celaena conocerá a Ansel una chica letal ue pronto se convertirá en algo parecido a su amiga pero a ué precio Me fascinó el ritmo ue llevaba esta historia Sarah J Maas nos presenta un mundo alejado de Rifthold del Gremio de los Asesinos y de la gran reputación de Celaena como la Asesina de Adarlan El Desierto Rojo es un mundo completamente distinto al igual ue las alianzas relaciones y traiciones políticas ue se fraguan allí Me gustó muchísimo conocer finalmente la épica historia del robo de los caballos Asterion al Lord de Xandria ue se menciona brevemente en Crown of Midnight Ver cómo poco a poco peueños detalles de estos relatos encajan en la gran historia de los libros principales es buenísimo Ahora cuando lean este relato prepárense para los giros y las puñaladas por la espalda ue incluye Sarah en esta historia porue realmente los van a dejar sin aire y sin ganas de confiar en absolutamente nadie a lo largo de su vida Out of all the novellas of The Assassin’s Blade that I’ve read so far this third novella is the best one It’s action packed and full of bad assery Celaena never fails to really impress me with the way she deals with her situations After being punished by her master Arrobyn she was instructed to travel to the Deserted Lands to train with the master of the Silent Assassins There she met people who became her friends including the girl assassin Ansel who had a very painful and cruel childhoodThe thing that I love most about The Assassin and the Desert is that it does not only have action scenes that will thrill you It’s also meaningful I love Celeana’s relationship with the master of the Silent Assassin It tugged my heart in ways I did not expect The way he taught her about life was so touching “If you can learn to endure pain you can survive it” This novella made me smile and tearful It’s something that I will not forget in this series Plus the setting was wonderfully described painting captivating images of The Deserted Land I think this is the best that I have read in the series so far to be honest What a journeyRating 5 Stars “If you can learn to endure pain you can survive anything For a short story this book blew my mind I did not see that ending coming damn TOG is one of my favourite series and its gets better with each book same thing with the novellas The writing and world building is impeccable the plot is amazing and the characters are cool and not one dimensional I really wished I read this before the series because it could have really helped me understand lots of stuffs that Celaena talked about in the other books Never would I have thought that this is how she and Ansel met the red hair girl that came to help Aelin fight Maeve with soldiers in EOSThis happened after The Assassin and the Healer it focuses mainly on her training with the silent assassins and friendship with Ansel The silent assassins had a problem with the Lord of the town but it was bigger than she anticipated view spoilerAnsel betrayed the assassins to the Lord because he promised to give her a 1000 men to help avenge her father that was killed in her homeland Celaena found out after they fought he let her go that was why she helped her in EOS when she called in her debt hide spoiler Ok Celaena I see you maturing and getting stronger Ansel however 🧐