Call for the Dead

Call for the DeadAfter A Routine Security Check By George Smiley, Civil Servant Samuel Fennan Apparently Kills Himself When Smiley Finds Circus Head Maston Is Trying To Blame Him For The Man S Death, He Begins His Own Investigation, Meeting With Fennan S Widow To Find Out What Could Have Led Him To Such Desperation But On The Very Day That Smiley Is Ordered Off The Enquiry He Receives An Urgent Letter From The Dead Man Do The East Germans And Their Agents Know About This Man S Death Than The Circus Previously Imagined Le Carr S Debut Novel, Call For The Dead, Introduced The Tenacious And Retiring George Smiley In A Gripping Tale Of Espionage And Deceit. This first George Smiley novel also the first for John le Carre is not a spy novel really, but like a murder mystery with spies in it.You see, Smiley is ordered to conduct a routine security check on Samuel Fennan, and, since he sees no serious concerns in Fennan s past just a little harmless wartime flirtation with communism he reassures Fennan and they part in friendly fashion But soon Fennan is pronounced a suicide, and Fennan s wife Elsa claims that, after his interview with Smiley, her husband was unusually despondent The higher ups want to stick Smiley with the blame for a botched interview and move on, but Smiley, who is not convinced this is a sucide, becomes even less convinced when he answers the phone in Fennan s flat and receives a reminder call Fennan arranged with his service It just doesn t make sense Why would a person who intends to commit suicide one a specific night arrange for a reminder call for the morning after Since this is a first novel, it has its flaws For example, Smiley and Police Inspector Mendel are both used as third person viewpoint characters, but Mendel s first appearance as viewpoint is disorienting, since it is far enough into the novel that we have identified ourselves with Smiley completely, and le Carre has no
He learnt what it was never to sleep, never to relax, to feel at any time of day or night the restless beating of his own heart, to know the extremes of solitude and self pity, the sudden unreasoning desire for a woman, for drink, for exercise, for any drug to take away the tension of his life While this isn t my first John le Carr novel The Russia House holds that distinction , it is in fact my first George Smiley book Call for the Dead is also the first in the series of the George Smiley novels and offers a very satisfying introduction to the surprisingly ordinary yet quite honorable little man When I say little I mean in stature He s no looker, that s a fact A James Bond type he is not Short, fat, and of a quiet disposition, he appeared to spend a lot of money on really bad clothes, which hung about his squat frame like skin on a shrunken toad I have a great image in my head of Smiley now, and regardless of his looks, I loved this man He s not perfect who is , but he s intelligent, he has a conscience, and he s quite perceptive In a nutshell, he is a British spy caught up in a case of intrigue involving the suicide of Samuel Fennan, an employee of the Foreign Office in London who also happens to have affiliations with the Communist party But some things don t appear to add up correctly according t
Call for the Dead The Deadly Affair, John le Carr Call for the Dead is John le Carr s first novel, published in 1961 It introduces George Smiley, the most famous of le Carr s recurring characters, in a story about East German spies inside Great Britain It also introduces a fictional version of British Intelligence, called the Circus because of its location in Cambridge Circus, that is apparently based on MI6 and that recurs throughout le Carr s spy novels Call for the Dead was filmed as The Deadly Affair, released in 1966.Foreign Office civil servant Samuel Fennan apparently commits suicide after a routine security check by Circus agent George Smiley Smiley had interviewed and cleared Fennan only days previously after an anonymous accusation because of this, Circus head of service Maston sets up Smiley to be blamed for Fennan s death.While interviewing Fennan s wife Elsa in her home, Smiley answers the telephone, expecting the call to be for him It is a requested 8 30 AM call from the telephone exchange Inspector Mendel, a police officer on the verge of retirement who is investigating the Fennan case, finds o
I am a huge fan of James Bond, movies and books, but had never entered the world of George Smiley written by John Le Carre When a few friends in the group reading for pleasure here on goodreads decided to read the Smiley books in order, I decided to join them I enjoy reading mysteries or thrillers in between denser reads as a palette cleanser, and, having just read two Pulitzer winners back to back, a short spy novel seemed like just what I needed to clear my head What ensued is Le Carre s initial foray into Smiley s world George Smiley is a member of England s Foreign Office during the Cold War period The nation has no relations with East Germany and their working relationship with the Soviet Union is tenuous at best Smiley had been stationed as a literature professor in German universities before the war and saw firsthand the rise of fascism At the time because it was en Vogue, Smiley dabbled in communism and reached out to students who he thought had potential as party members One of these students was a German Jew by the name of Dieter Frey, who could have used
Call For the Dead is the first of 8 books in John Le Carre s series featuring George Smiley Published in 1961, it is smart, the writing brisk and contained, and the story engaging Espionage and counter espionage who is a spy who is being set up This is a classic, and written by an author who knew the ins and outs of national Intelligence and Security first hand This book is a very impressive and intelligent initial offering from an author whose stor
Introducing Smiley to the world, this is of a detective story than a spy story, except that the characters are spies There are two diversions from what I remember about le Carre s other novels, at the beginning and the end, amounting in each case to explanations of things telling t
This is the first George Smiley novel and introduces us to the characters which, as a reader, you will come to love It is fair to say that Le Carre s spy novels are Harry Palmer than 007 he aims for realism and not fantasy, which I find much intriguing Smiley is not attractive, or dashing His ex wife, the beautiful Lady Ann Seacomb, caused surprise and gossip when they married she nicknamed him Toad and, unlike a Bond character, who always gets the girl, she leaves him for a Cuban motor racing driving.Despite Smiley s squat and unprepossing looks though, he has something far attractive intelligence in abundance, as well as great humanity and sensitivity to others When asked to interview Samuel Fennan, at the Foreign Office, who has been anonymously accused of being a communist sympathiser, Smiley conducts the meeting with tact He even goes so far as to tell Fennan not to worry, which is why he is so suprised when Fennan supposedly returns home devastated and later commits
Some of the most elegant spy genre books I ve ever read There has been a lot of blah di blah about who the literary successor for Jane Austin should be Well, it s too late it s John Le Carre Just because he happens to write Cold War thrillers doesn t mean that every word isn t infused with the same sense of humor, the same love of the ordinary, the same lovely tendency to linger with friends, whether they be seemingly mundane characters or sentences themselves When Lady Ann Sercomb married George Smiley towards the end of the war she described him to her astonished Mayfair friends as breathtakingly ordinary When she left him two years later in favour of a Cuban motor racing driver, she announced enigmatically that if she hadn
George Smiley is arguably one of the best known fictional British spies He made his first appearance in Call for the Dead in 1961 The book also launched John le Carr s career as a novelist So if you re new to le Carr and or George Smiley, this is definitely the place to start.In many ways, Call for the Dead is a book of its time It opens with a chapter setting out A Brief History of George Smiley , something a modern novelist might find difficult to get away with But the backstory of Smiley is interesting and, in part, important to what follows Smiley is described variously as breathtakingly ordinary , short, fat and of a quiet disposition , a shrunken toad and so on and that s just on page one So, if it s Bond or Bourne you re after, you d best look elsewhere.The story begins at chapter two Set in a London I remember from my youth at the start of the Cold War, the novel still has half an eye on the Second World War, when Smiley was a field operative Now confined to routine security clearance work, he is summoned to the Circus to explain why a senior civil servant he recently interviewed should have committed suicide Smiley felt the man po

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