Firelight[Read] ➯ Firelight Author Kristen Callihan – Once the flames are ignited Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities Yet one Once the flames are ignited Miranda Ellis is a woman tormented Plagued since birth by a strange and powerful gift she has spent her entire life struggling to control her exceptional abilities Yet one innocent but irreversible mistake has left her family's fortune decimated and forced her to wed London's most nefarious noblemanThey will burn for eternity Lord Benjamin Archer is no ordinary man Doomed to hide his disfigured face behind masks Archer knows it's selfish to take Miranda as his bride Yet he can't help being drawn to the flame haired beauty whose touch sparks a passion he hasn't felt in a lifetime When Archer is accused of a series of gruesome murders he gives in to the beastly nature he has fought so hard to hide from the world But the curse that haunts him cannot be denied Now to save his soul Miranda will enter a world of dark magic and darker intrigue For only she can see the man hiding behind the mask. Well well well That was all sorts of awesomeExpectations They're everything I fully believe that they can make or break a reading experience This book might have a lot of paranormal elements but make no mistake this is not an urban fantasy set in the late 1800s and nor is this is a steampunk seriously? Who even shelved it that way? This book is a historical romance Straight up With a shot of pyrokinetics demons and what I’m pretty sure might be a werewolf thrown in for good measure It has the same pacing romance to plot ratio ton parties pretty ball gowns insta lust and broody dark hero of some of my favorite HRs And you know what they say If it walks like one and talks like oneWhere this book differs from most HRs aside from the paranormal elements is with the plot Gasp There actually is one And it’s a pretty uniue one at that filled with curses and ancient magic and demons and secret societies The male and female leads also break the mold Okay yes he’s dark and broody but that’s because he’s got some ACTUAL dark shit to brood about And this female lead? I kind of love her In the opening pages of this book she proves that she’s no damsel in distress in need of a white knight to save her She can bloody well save herself thank you very much And she continues to prove that throughout the rest of the book She’s also not your average cut and paste Mary Sue She’s not some blushing virgin that swoons at the sight of blood or shies away from sex I justand she justGAH She’s a badass OKAY???The two of them together were hot Literally No really they were ACTUALLY hot together Don’t worry you’ll understand exactly what I mean once you read the book And you will read the book Won’t you? This review can also be found at The Book Eaters Uniue exciting poignant thrilling sexy funny romantic these are the words I’d use to describe Firelight and yet it’s so much I can’t really compare it to anything else I’ve read and it can’t be lumped into a single genre because in this first installment of the Darkest London series author Kristen Callihan gives us the beauty of historical romance along with the dark edginess of paranormal and the magic of fantasy All of these elements combined have made this one of the best series’ premiers I’ve read in a very long time maybe ever 'She walks in beauty like the night; shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?' Miranda Ellis is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and she is no ordinary woman Since birth she’s possessed a very powerful gift one she’d managed to keep hidden but it only took one slip one moment’s loss of control and her life and the lives of her family were forever changed She is lovely and certainly far better than he deserves but Archer can't help it he's drawn to her like a moth to the flame and he has to make her his ‘I might call him a thing divine for nothing natural I ever saw so noble’ Lord Benjamin Aldo Fitzwilliam Wallace Archer Fifth Baron Archer of Umberslade is no ordinary man but what makes him different is not a gift he was born with In fact it’s not a gift at all rather the horrific conseuence that comes when man thinks to play God He's bitter boorish demanding pushy but Miranda can't seem to fight the attraction she feels for him Despite the mask he wears to hide what he has become and his secrets despite everything about him she wants him like she's wanted no one else Miranda and Archer are fabulous characters both suffering from their own brand of torment each one trying to save the other Archer so strong so dangerously powerful and yet with a vulnerability born of foolish arrogance that makes me want to take him in my arms and love him forever And Miranda vulnerable not because of her gift but in spite of it Apart they are lost but together they are the perfect match giving each other what they need to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart And the sexual tension between Archer and Miri sizzled throughout the book and when they finally came together well it burned up the pagesThere were many wonderful uotes but I'm going to share my favorite two This first one is truly truly romantic Wonderful beautiful blissful gorgeous lovely Adjectives floated around in Archer’s head like cherry blossoms falling in late spring He wanted to laugh shout and run amok singing at the top of his voice Snatches of romantic poetry learned in his salad days came to mind She walks in beauty like the night; shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? He smiled then looking up at the ceiling above his bed He certainly did not possess the talent to fit into words what he felt Too bad Byron was dead He’d have hunted him down and introduced him to Miri The master poet would have found words to do her justice And then this one so poignant as Archer lays his heart bare He spread his arms wide in entreaty before letting them fall “I lied I lied when I said your beauty does not affect me I look at you and I’m breathless dizzy from it I want to kneel at your feet and worship you While the baser part of me wants to fling up your skirts and stick my cock in you until we forget our names” His nostrils flared as he glared at her accusation and pain mingling within his eyes“But none of that matters” he said trembling before her “because every day that I am with you I am convinced that God made you just for me For in ninety years on this earth no one has made me feel the way you do as if every day is an adventure You make me laugh And I never laugh I go around smiling like a witless fool So yes I kept it from you because I am so desperately in love with you that the knowledge that you might love me too was irresistible And I was afraid it would turn to dust should I take off that mask” The bottom line This is truly a great story I started it not knowing what to expect but was WOW'd from the first page to the last The secondary characters stand out demanding their own stories be told and that makes me very happy because I can't wait to return to the world of Darkest London This book was provided by netgalleycom in behalf of Forever an Imprint of Grand Central Publishing I found this to be a somewhat frustrating read I don't like being kept in the dark in regard to certain things for so much of the story only to have them all info dumped at 90% especially when those things are intrinsic to the storyline Also the connection between Archer and Miranda was slow in coming and I wanted than I got when it finally came to fruition Don't get me wrong the writing was great and the story line was okjust a little too convoluted for me You can definitely see Callihan's growth from this book to recent endeavors ie The Hook Up and The Friend ZoneAll in all a decent read just not what I was looking for and NOT because it's a PNR that's my original favorite genre but rather because as I said I found the storyline to be frustrating 45 stars Not what I expected but a great read all the same I first heard of this debut book a few months ago and was instantly intrigued that it is a PNR series set in historical London 1880's So when I noticed Netgalley had it I immediately reuested it This book paints a vivid picture of a darker Gothic London one plagued with cut throats and thieves fathers who sell their daughters for a tidy sum and cunning men willing to risk damnation of their very souls In this version of a 'beauty and the beast' theme Lord Benjamin Archer hides his identity and disfigurement from the world behind a dark mask Cloaked in the shadows of darkness he spies the beautiful Miranda Ellis defending herself from would be attackers and instantly finds himself enthralled In time he arranges a marriage with Mira and whisks her off to his remote castle For years Archer has been obsessed with finding the cure for his 'illness' He constantly fights his inner demons and now struggles with a burning desire for his new bride But when his friends start getting murdered and he is the most likely of suspects Miranda's safety is all that matters I absolutely loved the darker Gothic historical feel of this story Archer is a tortured hero who feels he must hide from the world Miranda slowly comes to learn of his 'illness' and other secrets meanwhile hiding secrets of her own We meet many other nefarious and interesting characters as well including Mira's sisters who will have their own books in this series The paranormal part of the story is slowly revealed and therefor hard to explain and in fact best left for the reader to discover The world Archer and Miranda live in is the actual London 1880's but we learn that not everyone is as one would believe There are some people who have gifts or curses depending on your point of view that simply go beyond the imaginationIf I have any complaints it is that the romance was pushed to the later part of the book However there was a great deal of relationship building and tension between the Hh so my complaint is small Overall Kristen Callihan has an amazing writing voice so I have no doubt this author will be a big hit with romance fans I am excited to read the next book in this series or whatever else she publishes This book surprised me in the best way possible thanks to Helena I was looking for historical romance to read and she suggested this book that has historical paranormal mystery and fantastical elements to it and it was all so beautifully blended I didn’t know much going into this even though I read the blurb I’m so forgetful I forgot about it as soon as I read it I loved the journey it took me on the world was great and the characters I fell in love with I wanted it to not end The ending was somewhat convenient but did I care? No Can’t wait to read books by Kristen Callihan This book doesn't fit in one simple category It's historical with elements of the paranormal It's gothic dark dangerous and romantic It was completely enthralling and I absolutely could not put it downIt's been three years since the mysterious Lord Archer first met Miranda She captivated him with her fearlessness and fiery disposition Now he has made arrangements with her father to marry her Miranda doesn't realize that Archer is the same man she encountered that night in the alley all those years ago He is simply an imposing man who wears a mask covering his entire faceNo one knows what lies beneath Archer's mask But Miranda falls for the man underneath the disguise And he falls for her The love story is only the beginning though Archer is working tirelessly to find a cure for his disfigurement He's part of a mysterious organization of immortality uesters Someone is gruesomely killing off his associates and framing him for the crimes Archer is full of secrets which are slowly revealed over the course of the book The slow unraveling of Archer's story is amazing It's second only to the phenomenal love story between him and Miranda Kristen Callihan takes sexual tension to an entirely new level I have never hungered for a single kiss between two characters as much as I did in this book Just a kiss and I was breathlessSlowly she cupped his cheek The air grew heavy her chest tightening with each draw of breath Archer closed his eyes seeming to steel himself and she knew he meant to pull away again The idea of it slashed at her breast Suddenly everything became uite simpleHer hand slid to his neck as she closed the gap she could no longer tolerate Archer's eyes snapped open and a tremble ripped through him Don't The protest died as her mouth fitted to hisA shock of feeling coursed through her limbs at his touch His breath caught sharply as though he too felt the shock His body grew taut as a bow uivering with barely held restraint And she knew then that as much as he desired it he feared touching her Every tiny piece of Archer that is unveiled was like a small victory Every touch every emotional connection between him and Miranda was a gift for my greedy eyes And believe me I felt greedy for every crumb In most books I would frustrated or annoyed at how long it took for the couple to get together but here it's done so well it's like magicI did have a little trouble keeping all the men straight in Archer's club especially when we were dealing with fathers sons and courtesy titles mingled with real names But it wasn't too overwhelming The villain once revealed was not a huge surprise but the why part of it was something I didn't see comingArcher is a fantastic tortured hero Miranda is the one happiness he has found in so many long miserable years And she is a worthy and loyal heroine She has secrets and strengths of her own like an ability to wield a sword and to control fireThe book is really uite extraordinary It's different something shining sparkling and uniue in a sea of familiar and predictable paranormal and historical romances out there I loved it 5 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley Unpopular Opinion timeWell there actually appears to be a few of us who didn't like this but the vast majority of my friends did so it's probably just meThings were going great for than half the book and then I just started getting annoyed The mystery of whowhat Archer is was just infuriating and never ending I can handle some secrets and having to wait but this went overboard in my viewI was also tired of the slow burn romance I can handle a slow burn romance when it's done right see Burn for Me but this bugged Every kiss every touch was filled with such angst I wanted them to BANG already It was insufferableAnd then when we find out the big reveal Archer has to be fixed All that hiding of his face and body and it ended up being some view spoilerdemon crap that had to be gotten rid of in order for him to be whole again? hide spoiler Lord Benjamin Archer is considered an aristocratic freak his face covered by a mask to hide his deformity He has travelled the world searching for a cure When word comes from Egypt that there may be at last a solution his assistant despatches the clue in a small box and sends it to England on Archer's fastest ship Before reaching England's shores the ship is raided by pirates working for Hector Ellis the small box lost along with Archer's hope of a cureWith revenge on his mind Archer determines to kill Hector Ellis When he sees Ellis' nineteen year old daughter Miranda being confronted by bullies in the alleyway near her home he intervenes Not that she needs rescuing She can take care of herself Delighted by the lovely Miranda Archer decides to let Ellis live He has another planThree years later living with her father in diminished circumstances twenty two year old Miranda resorts to stealing She is not proud of what she's been forced to do but her once wealthy father has lost his fortune Though wanting to marry for love her father has arranged a marriage of convenience To Lord Archer Faced with the prospect of living on the streets Miranda agrees to the marriageBoth Archer and Miranda are than they appear both hiding secrets from each other and the world at large Miranda is able to start fire at will by her thoughts alone After burning down her father's warehouse when she was ten and losing half his fortune she has managed for the most part to keep her firelighting under control For Archer hiding his physical appearance and the mysterious cause behind a mask and searching for a cure have consumed his life Now when friends of Archer's turn up murdered one at a time suspicion falls on Archer The romance is a joy Both Miranda and Archer are wonderful characters their growing love and closeness a delight to read The sexual tension builds really really well throughout the novel reaching its conclusion later in the book Miranda and Archer are similar in many ways both tough stubborn and cursed with the supernatural They are both protective of the other and Miranda is especially delightful as she chips away at Archer's defences and his mysteriesThough I enjoyed this immensely it was not without some flaws I did find the constant hints to the secrets and mysteries early in the story without being given some details a little tedious Also the overuse of some words and phrases Archer whom we first meet on his way to kill Miranda's father seems to shrug off this murderous persona too easily I had hoped Archer would be a much darker tragic Gothic figure than what he was He certainly has these characteristics to some degree though he is sweeter romantic and not uite as embittered as I'd imagined given his circumstancesThese failings though are minor in comparison to the novel's overall enjoyment The finale the action scenes at the end were very well done Firelight is very different and very entertaining Though the plot reaches a conclusion there are some intriguing uestions left unansweredWith a wonderful melding of paranormal and historical romance a murder mystery the fairy tale elements of Beauty and the Beast this is a fabulous debut Steam 25 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing Forever via NetGalley ExcellentRTC Despite rough beginnings Firelight by Kristen Callihan ends as a fun debutCallihan worried me when Firelight opened with one cliché stumbling over another cliché smoking another cliché The opening revealed some of Callihan's weaknesses ie a tendency to wax purple when attempting flowery scenery a bit of exaggerated insta love a beautiful but not heroine and some self conscious references to English culture by English characters When I saw the girl in trousers I groaned However Firelight flies the gates with an action scene and only a chapter or two further Callihan abandons those problems and hits her stride with tighter language and a tighter no nonsense narrative She doesn't waste pages on slow as molasses internal hand wringing parlor tittering or shopping trips Her pacing's smooth fast and she zooms in with laser focus on the uestions that most interest her reader the mystery and the romance Action romance writers take note Firelight leaves awkward insta love behind when protagonists Miranda and Ben marry and reveals the novel's treasure the dynamic unfolding between Miranda and Ben as they learn each other and learn to trust and admire one another Miranda and Ben themselves feel realistic and fleshed enough that one can predict their reactions especially as we read the perspectives of both charactersI knew the villain early on but the real mystery Ben's identity and history kept me reading as well as Miranda and Ben's adventures investigating the crime or each other A few Misunderstandings notwithstanding they weathered the reuisite relationship obstacles heathily enough to convince me of a future together They actually seem to like and know each other Also 500 pts for a moving endingI don't want to spoil but I'll say that Callihan builds a uniue mythos suited to her period I doubt the next book just a bit because she borrows a prevalent dare I say tired myth We'll see if she breathes new life into it I like the hero I recommend Firelight if you love Beauty the Beast tales mystery or action Don't let the historical tag stop you; it's accessible to everyone Also the alley scene is the new Chapter 32 I'm between three and four stars

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