The Honored Dead

The Honored Dead The Arab Islamic World Is Known For Religious Extremism, Ethnic Conflicts, And, Now, The Overthrow Of Seemingly Unshakable Regimes But If Anything Has Become Clear, It S That Our Understanding Of The Region Remains Shrouded And Incomplete The Seeds Of Revolution, Radicalism, And Possibly Reform Are Buried In The Individual Stories Of Millions Of People Whose Lives Determine The Fates Of Their Societies, People Whose Motivations Are As Common, And As Strange, As Our Own.Here Is One Of Those Stories And The Story Of How This World Is Being Transformed, One Life At A Time Joseph Braude Is The First Western Journalist Ever To Secure Embed Status With An Arab Security Force, Assigned To A Hardened Unit Of Detectives In Casablanca Who Handle Everything From Busting Al Qaeda Cells To Solving Homicides One Day He S Given The File For A Seemingly Commonplace Murder A Young Guard At A Warehouse Killed In What Appears To Be A Robbery Gone Wrong Braude Is Intrigued By The Details Of The Case The Sheer Brutality Of The Murder, The Identities Of The Accused A Soldier And The Victim, A Shadowy Migrant With Links To A Radical Cleric, And The Odd Location A Warehouse Owned By A Wealthy Member Of One Of The Few Thriving Jewish Communities In The Arab World After Interviewing The Victim S Best Friend, Who Tearfully Insists That The True Story Of The Murder Has Been Covered Up By Powerful Interests, Braude Commits To Getting To The Bottom Of It.Braude S Risky Pursuit Of The Shocking Truth Behind The Murder Takes Him From Cosmopolitan Marrakesh To The Proud Berber Heartland, From The Homes Of The Wealthiest And Most Powerful People In The Country To The Backstreets Of Casablanca, Where Migrants Come To Make Fortunes, Jihad, And Trouble, But Often End Up Just Trying To Survive With Dignity The Honored Dead Is A Timely And Riveting Mystery About A Society In Transition, The Power Of The Truth, And The Irrepressible Human Need For Justice From The Hardcover Edition. I m mixed about this book I love non fiction and what I d call literary true crime a book where a crime is placed in context TJ English does this really well, particularly in his new book, The Savage City This was also appealing because of the setting and the broader context of crime in the Arab world It does this admirably, but left me cold.There is a good explication of Arab culture and the rules of Moroccan societies, but it seems to float underneath larger and Western judgment that we all want justice, define justice in the same way, and seek it in the same ways that justice is one thing no matter what your cultural definitions or context I m uncomfortable with the easy ways it is possible to filter the actions, institutions, and values of another culture through the lens of the West without an a
The Hon ored Dead A Story of Friend ship, Mur der, and the Search for Truth in the Arab World by Joseph Braude is a non fic tion book about the author s expe ri ence being embed ded with a Moroc can secu rity squad.Jour nal ist Joseph Braude has spent sev eral month embed ded in a Moroc can police precinct in Casablanca The city of Casablanca has many issues beside star crossed lovers run ning away from the Vichy rep re sen ta tives and Nazis drug car tels, al Qaeda cells as well as crimes which plague any cities its size.Mr Braude goes on his own to inves ti gate a mur der of an unem ployed Mus lim Berber While inves ti gat ing the author goes on a wild ride into Moroc can Mus lim soci ety involv ing cover ups, duplic ity and fraud The Hon ored Dead A Story of Friend ship, Mur der, and the Search for Truth in the Arab World by Joseph Braude is a smart book which brings the reader into the inner most Arab soci ety Mr Braud, a jour nal ist, got an amaz ing level of access and cor po ra tion he got from the Moroc can government.M
I read this book in early 2012 and completely forgot about it, having absolutely no idea that by the end of the year I would be packing up my things to go live in Morocco for two years Feeling homesick for Morocco in 2016 I found this book in a library search and thought Wait, I already read that didn t I It took place in Morocco All I remember is that the author was kind of annoying, the murder only partially gets solved and the sewing machine doesn t get used What a difference to re read this book in 2016 when it all means so much to me All of the above is still true but since I was reading the book this time as a reminder of Morocco instead of a true crime drama, I was looking for a different sense of satisfaction and I got it Although the title is about the Arab World this book does a good job of explaining that Morocco is really an Arab Berber culture, with many tensions between the Arabs and the Berbers The sights and sounds of Casablanca are present as is the Moroccan bureaucracy in all its glory True, Morocco is not Casablanca, but the author also name drops and or visits many other cities that I know well, from Rabat to El Jadida to Ksar el Kabir I am ashamed that at the
The author shares a journey through some of the complexities of modern society in the Islamic world, in a well written, thought provoking, at times introspective, informative and entertaining book.I found the author to be a compellingly honest and unabashedly human, and it added a lot in my opinion He talks about himself, his failings, and his uncommon experiences that make him, I think, uniquely qualified to write this book He deals with the I guess I can call it an East vs West confrontation the modern vs traditional lifestyle and perspectives, rational vs superstitious and other worldly thinking, tolerance and pluralism vs intolerance and rigid dogmatic thinking, and the tribalism found in that part of the world He humanizes it and adds color and nuance, which I think makes it highly relevant to Westerners who may h
This is a multi layered book that in many ways defies categorization Braude is an Iraqi Jewish American, Yale educated journalist embedded in a Casablanca police precinct at the time of a murder At the behest of the victim s best friend, he agrees to conduct his own investigation of the crime.Both Braude s personal history and the history of Morocco, and its Jewish community, are pivotal in this book While still a student, Braude used his knowledge of Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, French and Near East studies to help the FBI These same passions later found him on the opposite side of the table p
This was an interesting and well written book about the author s time in Morocco as a journalist embedded with the police force in Casablanca I m acquainted with Joseph Braude, and this is the first time I ve read a book written by someone I know It provides some insight into him as a person, which I found very insightful I also see a bit of an imprint of another organization with which I m well acquainted in his approach to the problems he encounters and his description of the struggles Morocco faces
A journalist, Joseph Braude, learns of a murder and attempts to discover the reason behind the homicide However, Moroccan officials stop him at every turn Will he discover why an apparently innocent man died Personally, I had to constantly force myself to make my way through this book The Honored Dead constantly goes on random tangents While these tangents are informative, they drag the story to a screeching halt Further, the story is a bit unbelievable The protagonist bases his entire investigation off of a dream He gets a graduate student to analyze a dream that the victim had shortly before his death Let us ju
So far as I read THE HONORED DEAD, I learn the difficulties and the struggles of the Arab forces As Joseph Braude commits into knowing the whole truth of the crime that was brutally committed, I can t help but wonder what he seeks out to achieve Does he believe he will change the way the officer s deal with their crimes and murders Does he believe that he being there would make a significant change into how people see the Arab world I wanted to read this book to have a broader knowledge and understanding of the Arab world, learning their cultural differences from mine Though this is different from what I expected, however I am interested in knowing the full plot and knowi
When I received the book I had a different idea as to what to expect So far I have enjoyed the book I am fascinated by the stories it has It helps give a better look into the Arab world and their beliefs We see the differences in the way they determine justice and the way we go about dealing with it You have a better knowledge of how important the idea of peace is for pe
This book is about an American who is embedded with a criminal unit in Morocco and becomes involved in a murder investigation that the Moroccan authorities are trying to cover up for social, political and religious reasons It delves deep into the issues of religion, ethnic identity and socio economic conditions and the current political