Pirate Abdullah Syed Hari Is Fourteen Years Old He Loves His Family And His Friends And He Is A Somali Pirate A Short Story From Guys Read Thriller, Edited By Jon Scieszka. This was a very interesting short story novel about a Somalian young man who is recruited to be a pirate It gives us a peek into the reasons why these young men choose to be pirates and how a raid is conducted in modern times.I w
If possible, I would give this book 4 1 2 stars It takes a new perspective to the modern pirate and what drives them It emphasizes values and what drives everyone there isn t any swearing I can recall, and no sexuality There is some violence though. This is the POV of pirating from a Somalian child Definitely an eye opening take on the issue and how the Right Thing is not the same for all.

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  • ebook
  • Pirate
  • Walter Dean Myers
  • 03 July 2017
  • 0062112104