Shapechangers Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 1

Shapechangers Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 1❮EPUB❯ ❀ Shapechangers Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 1 ✻ Author Jennifer Roberson – The first book in the Chronicles of the Cheysuli spins a tale of magical warriors and shapeshifters as they battle the sorcerers that threaten their existenceThey were the Cheysuli a race of magical w of the PDF/EPUB ä The first book in the Chronicles of the Cheysuli spins a tale of magical warriors and shapeshifters as they battle the sorcerers that threaten their existenceThey were the Cheysuli a race of magical warriors gifted Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book PDF \ with the ability to assume animal shape at will For centuries they had been allies to the King of Homana treasured champions of the realm Until a king's daughter ran away with a Cheysuli liege man and caused a war of annihilation against the Cheysuli raceTwenty five years later the Cheysuli were hunted exiles in their Shapechangers Chronicles PDF/EPUB or own land feared for their sorcery their shapeshiftingThis is the story of Alix the daughter of that ill fated union between Homanan princess and Cheysuli warrior and her struggle to master the call of magic in her blood and accept her place in an ancient prophecy she cannot deny. I can't even finish it The heroine annoyed the hell out of me Why can't anyone write a heroine who's as smart as I am Looking at my grades I'm not asking much so why is it so hard to write a smart heroine now adays?I'm soo tired of heroines who find that they have magical powers then started acting like it's a damn curse The girl can freaking shift into an animal why can't she be like a normal teenager and start jumping up and down yelling AMEN but noooo God forbid a heroine that's actually excited by the prospect of having magical powers They just dive in to self pity because you know making good fusses about it robs the heroine a chance of playing the 'buhuhuh I'm the victim my life is ruined' Oh shut upShe starts by acting like a love struck teen which is disgusting Romance is fine by me I adore romance but do you have to lose your head too? She defends something 'That's unfair Don't judgeblah blah blah then suddenly loses conviction and abandons all her cries of justice and fairness when it face to face with the real deal Where's your conviction now you little hypocrite?She spends half of the entire book hating then denying then submerging into self pity and being stupid all over again This has so much potential The plot is fantastic and very interesting Why ruin it with a bitchy heroine? Why? This book might have been decent if the protagonist hadn't been such a raging irritable bitch This is a re read of the first book in a series I absolutely love Unfortunately I do not like this book I'm not sure if this is Roberson's first book and subject to the First Novel uneven ness that can happen or if I'm just reading it again with older eyes After all this book was first published in 1984 I've read many MANY books since 1984 so I have to compare it to A lot of life has been lived between 1984 and now too so a person's entire frame of reference can switch focus It isn't so much when the book was written but the experience of the person reading it at that time I was a tween just barely and in love with fantasy novels I'm sure there was much I didn't get at the time but I understood most of it and it fascinated me Now I focus less on the story and on the words used to tell it; on characterization and they both fall flat Maybe if this book were released today it wouldn't be classified as an adult novel Maybe the magic of it is at the YA levelI hated the heroine She was spoiled and stubborn and incredibly ill suited to heroine ism She wanted what she wanted and to hell with the very real conseuences The hero was marginally better even though he was supposed to be older and wiser than her Secondary characters who star in Book 2 were better but don't uite reach three dimensional status until The Song of Homana book 2 in the series The plot? Not as thin as the characters but this is really a set up book There is A LOT of world building to do and if anything about this book is excellent that is it Because even though I don't have much good to say about this book the fact is that it has been with me for over 20 yrs Roberson created an entire world that has lived in the back of my mind; especially the language I've always liked languages It isn't to the point where I've translated Hamlet into Cheysuli but a few words do stick out Favorite characters from the series remain as well The series is great it just needed a better start This was one of the first fantasy books I ever read so though by today's standards it probably doesn't deserve much of a score it retains a nostalgic fondness for me I loved the original cover which sadly GR doesn't have on its database and as my ability to do anything with my laptop is laughably low the best I've been able to do is provide a picture of the original 6 books plus later editions of the last two in my profile pictures Go and take a suint if you're curious They range from meh to pretty dire number 5 is the worst; seriously WTF? but I liked this one a girl on a horse fully clad in decent clothing although barefoot for some reason with what looks like a sword hilt in her right hand with a wolf and a bird of prey I mean what teenage girl wouldn't be interested in this book? Now I'm an adult I can see the problems namely the horse has no bridle much less reins and her saddle doesn't appear to be fastened onto the horse at all; the minute that horse starts running she and that saddle are going to be lying on the ground wondering what happenedAnd perhaps that's a decent metaphor as a teen the problems in this book weren't so apparent The basic plot the Cheysuli are a race of magical shapechangers; originally living in relative peace with the other people of the land the Homanas normal humans like you and me who arrived much later But twenty five years ago the king's daughter fled a marriage she didn't want with her father's Cheysuli liege man and in revenge the king ordered the Cheysuli wiped out Now the Cheysuli are regarded as demons hated and feared in their own land on the brink of annihilation Our main character Alix is apparently a humble crofter's daughter who's kidnapped by a Cheysuli warrior along with the prince and forced to deal with the shocking revelation of her own true heritage and her place in an ancient prophecyThe back of the book will tell you than that but maybe you have a different copy and don't want any surprises spoiled I want to start with the things I liked about this bookThe Cheysuli I loved and still love the Cheysuli race They are described as a tan skinned race with black hair and yellow eyes 'beast eyes' they are often called and live in tents in the forest The men who all seem to be trained as warriors wear leathers and gold an armring and an earring which shows their lir beast So they may have an obvious Native American vibe and the story has a distinct 'how the west was won brutalized' slant but I find it none the worse for thatThe lir Every Cheysuli warrior has a 'coming of age' moment when they wander off into the wilderness and acuire a lir beast This is an animal they can talk to mentally and shows the beast shape they can transform into usually this seems to be a bird of prey or a wolf fox or mountain cat This beast is the other half of themselves; a man without a lir is regarded as only half alive and shunned If a lir is ever killed the warrior seeks death in a ritual suicide Only men can have a lir boo; women are neither warriors nor lir bound What I didn't likeAlix Poor Alix; I'm sure if she was written today she'd be a feisty fantasy heroine who would discover her abilities and follow her own path but this book was written in 1987 and as it has a heavy romantic vibe as romance was written back then Alix is stuck between three men two of whom are a bit dodgy for various reasons one of whom was planning outright kidnap and rape so yay romance Thankfully she ends up with the least rape y of them but the way she has her choices curtailed by the men around her and her reaction to her circumstances are incredibly frustrating and I can understand why a lot of readers find her whiny and annoying The worldbuilding is also pretty poor with only brief mentions of other countries and no clear idea of what's where I think this improves throughout the series though including a map in the next bookIf you are curious about this series but are finding the main characters in this book annoying my advice is push through it uickly and move on to the next book in the series before deciding to ditch it There may have been some good plot underlying this book and by good I mean a slight variation of most other sci fi fantasy series I have read one that over uses the term prophecy and references to dualing factions of gods but overall this read to much as General Hospital with swords and magic than an actual science fiction fantasy book The phrase but I am carrying his child was used by all three female characters in the book often multiple timesI thought the author chose to dwell on some un exciting aspects the first 140 pages or so repeats the same conversation several times over and would have had me putting down the book were it not recommended to me by someone I know while then skipping years and months at a time and glancing over nations won in a matter of a few paragraphs Not that I want the book to read like a list of military conuests one after the other this would be boring just that there was superfluous detail in some sections and an utter lack of detail in others Overall I would call this a fairly good fantasy but I do not feel committed to following up the series it begins While there is a certain amount of hard fighting the basic plot is concerned with the romantic competition for the heroine among three men; unusually for that sort of situation in adventure romances all three of the men turn out to be a reasonably sympathetic b alive at the end One aspect I found testing my suspension of disbelief is that twice the heroine encountered a powerful evil mage who twice let her go free and unhurt; the first time he did at least explain that she was not important enough to be worth killing bt the second time he explicitly revokes that excuse since she has just taken out one of his chief allies but still lets her and her friends go for no reason at all except I suppose that they all needed to be around for the seuels One point in favor of the book the heroine and two of her three men are shapechangers and the author does go to the trouble of explaining that they are magically able to change to beast form with their clothing conveniently vanishing and change back with it conveniently reappearing thereby eliminating a problem that has troubled lycanthropes since Marie de France's Bisclavaret Alix has been raised as an ordinary country girl but after she coincidentally becomes friends with a prince she is kidnapped by exiled shapeshifters and drawn into their struggle against oppression I enjoyed the adventuremagic aspects of the story but had some serious problems with the attitudes toward women and sexuality presented in Roberson's world building I couldn't feel too indignant on behalf of the shapechangers expulsion from the kingdom since they themselves were kidnapping women and forcing them to bear their children The couple later books in the series that I tried had even rape and oppression so I gave up on it I have been revisiting some of my old favorites and this series was one of them While re reading this first book I remember that the series got much better starting with the second book This isn't a bad book but I think that this was the author's first book and it shows She keeps reminding you of the same things over and overIf anyone has read this book and found it a bit lackluster I would suggest that you give the second book a try regardless This book was written in the period when the whole people form magical bond with an animal thing was popular If you really hate that kind of thing then you might want to avoid this series When I was a teenager I found all four omnibus editions at a used bookstore and snapped ‘em up bc I liked the covers I loved this series from beginning to end and remembered crying with Alix God how embarrassing This is awful Alix is a spoiled self righteous brat who flips allegiances like pancakes There are all sorts of collouialisms like “What do you say?” Whaddaya mean? and “I have ever loved him” I’ve always loved him that sound like lines from a bad ren fair scene Not to mention the allusions to Cheysuli as Native Americans are so thinly veiled it’s actually kind of gross Let’s also romanticize attempted rape while we’re at it and using a pregnancy to trap a man into marriage Both of these things are positive preludes to the star relationship of the book I’d give the whole thing up as a bad rap but all the reviews say the rest of the books are better I sure hope so I’m so mad at my teenage self right now But those omnibus covers sure were purty Really enjoyed the growing storyline The main female character is overtly selfish but everything else is great Too few pages to develop a good supporting cast but I hope the rest of the series open the descriptive capabilities

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